Course Description

This course is an advanced fully accredited 3-day programme to enable qualified beauty and massage therapists to gain a deeper understanding of what cancer is, the staging and grading of cancer and how the treatments for cancer can affect the need to adapt beauty treatments. Full protocols are offered for both face and body along with supervised practice.

The course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association which means insurance can be gained so individual therapists and salons can offer these holistic treatments confidently to those who have been diagnosed with the condition. Salons and Spas all over the UK now offer Cancer Massage Therapy, including Aqua Sana spas at Center Parcs.

Amanda Winwood, MD of Made For Life Organics and Founder of the Made for Life Foundation says: “We believe all salons should be accessible while going through cancer and through our work with the Made for Life Foundation (registered charity 1138846) make this happen. This CMA accredited Cancer Touch Therapy course enables salons and spas to open their doors and provide much needed support."

January course offer! When booking in for the January course, we're including a complimentary trial size starter kit of 100% organic products which you will use for treatments while on the course. The trial kit will comprise of 10ml sizes of the main products and a full size kit is available to buy directly from the Made For Life website. 

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All prices are inclusive of course fees, mandatory course materials, awarding body registration & exam fees.

Only a 20% Deposit is required to secure your place on this course if the course start date is more than 1 calendar month away. International students will need to pay an International student fee. Any courses with a start date less than one calendar month away will be required to pay full balance. To discuss payment plan options, please call the administration team on 020 7776 9766.

Marc Innes - Lead Cancer Massage Trainer

The course was developed, taking advice from trained oncology massage teachers, advisors within the oncology team at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust and also Macmillan. Marc Innes, MISRM, MCMA and Founder of the School of Natural Therapies is the course lead trainer and gained accreditation for this course from the Complementary Medical Association (CMA).

Duration of Training

  • 3 x 8-hour consecutive days, 9.30am - 5.30pm

What is included

Please see below for details of course, but in essence students will learn:
  • What is Cancer; the 5 main categories and staging and grading of cancer
  • Myths around massage & cancer
  • Side effects of medical treatments for cancer
  • Lymphoedema and how this determines adaptations to treatments
  • Safe protocols for face, body and scalp
  • Brief product knowledge of 100% organic Made for Life products
  • Full Manuals and Hand-outs
  • CMA certificate
  • Confidence & Clarity on treating guests with cancer and on-going support


  • The 3-day training course costs £450 (this course is VAT exempt) per person
  • All proceeds from all training goes directly to the Made for Life Foundation (charity no.1138846) which supports those going through cancer and their carers
  • The treatments require use of 100% certified organic products. Kits are available directly from Made for Life

Supervised practice on Day 3

  • Day three of the training comprises a multiple-choice question paper and supervised practice on volunteers going through cancer. MFL can help arrange the guests from our network of volunteers or from local charities such as Maggie’s that we have links with
  • Experience proves that for the therapists to practice their first treatment on a guest with cancer whilst we are onsite to guide is a huge boost to confidence

Website Listing and PR

Your spa/salon will be listed on and

Learning Outcomes of the CTT course:

Overall Objective: to enable level 3 qualified therapists to confidently treat clients living with cancer to beauty treatments – a condition usually contra-indicated. Therapists will be able to safely treat guests receiving medical treatment for cancer, living with cancer or in recent remission from the disease confidently.

The therapist should be able to provide an effective and safe treatment within the confines of the clients presenting condition, taking into account contraindications, restrictions or adaptations necessary to safeguard the client’s well-being and provide comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Theoretical Knowledge – by the end of the course, the learner will be able to:
  • Understand the biological mechanism of how cancerous tumours develop and grow
  • Understand the five categories of cancer and the associated biological tissue affected in each case
  • Understand the clinical grading and staging system of cancer by the medical profession
  • Understand the different types of treatment for cancer and the side effects of such treatments on the body – learners should also be able to describe any potential contraindications or adaptations necessary in order to minimise any discomfort for the client and ensure their well-being
  • Understand current industry standards within the UK and European markets and why pure and organic skin products are essential for sensitised skin as a result of certain cancer treatments
  • Understand and recognise the mechanism, cause and risk and cause of Lymphoedema, as a result of surgery and radiotherapy, within the appropriate lymphatic watershed areas of the body
Practical Skills – by the end of the course the learner will be able to demonstrate and deliver:
  • A comprehensive consultation with their client – demonstrating a clear understanding of cancer treatment side effects. The learner should also be able to describe any required adaptations or modifications necessary to the treatment for the client’s comfort, safety and well-being
  • Perform an 85/55/25 minute Made for Life™ Cancer Touch Therapy treatment using correct techniques, alongside suitable pressure and rhythm/speed
  • Perform adapted movements as appropriate, for areas of the body ‘at risk’ or presenting with swelling due to the condition – Lymphoedema
Treatments include:
  • Hand on Heart™ 85/55 minute protocols
  • Catch the Breath™ 25 minute protocol
  • Soothe & Nourish Organic Facial™ protocol
  • Protocols for Hand & Arms, Feet & Legs
Measures of competence will include:
  • Continuous practical and knowledge base assessment throughout the duration of the course
  • 20 question multiple choice (MCQP) – minimum pass mark 80%
  • Supervised practical assessment on day three, observing consultation, adaptation (where necessary) and suitable client positioning within treatment ranges and timings
  • Overall pass mark (practical and theory combined) 80%

About The Made For Life Foundation

The Made for Life Foundation (registered charity 1138846) was founded in 2008 by Amanda Winwood, MD of Made For Life Organics skincare company, to provide support for people diagnosed with and recovering from cancer. The Made for Life Foundation organises days filled with holistic complementary treatments, organic makeovers, nutritional advice, art therapy, meditation and relaxation techniques along with time for sharing and hugs.

A cancer diagnosis is a traumatic and life changing event, not just for the patient, but also for their family and friends. On hearing the news, people often report feeling sick, disorientated, very sad, angry, frustrated, scared, lost, isolated, in need of support and often unsure of what to do for the best.

While medical treatment may be on offer, those going through the cancer journey often need emotional and practical support in other ways.

The Made For Life Foundation offers special pamper days, around the UK, along with workshops, talks and events. Those going through cancer, whether newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment or in recovery, can come together and enjoy a “day off” from the condition.

To date, we have worked with people for over 8 years to provide Made for Life days across the UK, supporting over 10,000 people.

All students will receive a certificate in Cancer Touch Therapy Training By The Made For Life Foundation which is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). This certificate is presented to all qualifying therapists on Day 3 of the training. 

Refresher training (suggested one-day course every 2 years) provides a stamp denoting the date of the update attended.

  • Therapists should be qualified to at least Level 3 Beauty Therapy (or equivalent).
  • The minimum age for entry to this course is 18 years - no exceptions.
  • An excellent level of English is required. You must be able to speak, read, write and understand English fluently. 

Mandatory Materials

The following items are mandatory and are included in the total course cost.

Item Price
Course Fee £0