Course Description

Microblading is a hot industry trend and it's here to stay. What's even better is that it's a highly lucrative treatment to offer with the cost price of each treatment at around £6, and a treatment cost to the client of around £150 - £350, there are huge profits to be made for those offering a good quality treatment. There is no better time than now to take advantage of this new skill and build your loyal client base. 

Microblading is a technique used to apply semi-permanent colour to the skin using fine sterile blades, it's bespoke and tailored to every client with the technician in control of every stroke. There are no machines involved in this treatment and it's precision personified with the technician creating delicate hair strokes to mimic the natural brow hairs by hand for a realistic brow appearance in a personalized blend of colour.  The treatment can last up to 12-18 months after one initial treatment and one top up, clients are encourage to then have a top-up once every 6 months to maintain their microbladed brow shape and colour. This treatment is effective in enhancing the natural brows and is excellent to fill in gaps, or recreate brows lost by illness. It is also a good alternative to penciling in your brows each day and to brow tattooing which can be seen as heavy and drawn on. 

This course includes a full Microblading kit which you will use while on the course and after the course is completed. The course is taught by Sumi Connell who trained in Korea where Microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery) is seen as an art form.


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Please Note
All prices are inclusive of course fees, mandatory course materials, awarding body registration & exam fees.

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Day 1

Included in the total course cost is a Microblading Kit which you will use while you are on the course, this will also cover you for many treatments post-course. 

On Day one, learners will be able to answer the below key questions:
  • What is the benefit of Microblading?
  • How to enhance the appearance of the eyebrow with Microblading technique?
  • Why is it important to use the correct consultation technique for successful treatment?

On day one, you will also cover the following:
  • Introduction to Microblading
  • Health & Safety related to Microblading for yourself and client
  • Tutor Microblading Demonstration
  • Client Care
  • Consultation Techniques
  • Skin Structure, functions and tones (Fitzpatrick scale)
  • Skin Types, Circulatory, Lymphatic System
  • Understanding Different Brow Shapes and measuring
  • Aftercare Advice
  • Contraindications, Contra-actions and Skin Healing
  • Colour Theory
  • Practical - eyebrow design, and practice strokes on latex pad (the latex pad emulates the texture of real skin)
  • Products & Equipment needed for Microblading
  • Test Paper

Day 2

Day two will be a case study day, where you are required to bring in a client to model:
  • Client Consultation
  • Brow Design most suited to your client
  • Student practice on model
  • Test paper
  • Final Q & A Session
  • Certificate Awarded to students

Case Studies at Home

LSBM also offer optional at home case studies for further feedback. Once you have completed the course, you are welcome to complete two case studies at home and submit photos to your tutor for feedback. This is optional and not mandatory for the course.

Upon successful completion of the microblading course, you will receive the following certificate:

  • LSBM Certificate in Microblading

  • A Level 2 Qualification in Brows and Lashes (If you do not hold this certificate, we offer this course separately).
  • The minimum age for entry to this qualification is 18 years - no exceptions.
  • An excellent level of English is required. You must be able to speak, read, write and understand English fluently. You may be asked to sit an entry test to study for this qualification.
  • An LSBM Tabard will be provided for you while you are on the course, please wear all black smart casual clothing, and flat shoes (no jeans and no trainers).

Mandatory Materials

The following items are mandatory and are included in the total course cost.

Item Price
Course Fee £0