Jolanta Sewell

Senior Hair & Make-up Lecturer

What do you teach here at the school?

I teach all the VTCT and Open Learning Make-up courses, I also teach the MASA Make-up courses too.

What courses have you studied?

I studied Professional Make-up design back in 2002, and I also hold qualifications in hairstyling, Education and Training. I had been working in the industry for over 10 years before deciding to go into education.

What made you decide to go into education??

It was the gradual process of progression from my previous roles as a freelancer and a trainer/business manager for luxury brands. Working in education was naturally the next step in my career. I have personally always loved being a student, I find an educational environment a very exciting environment. The need to learn, analyse and experience is what I enjoy sharing most with my students.

What are your career highlights?

There have been a few!

  • Working with feature film Director Ray Brandy designing prosthetics and character make-up
  • Being Eva Cavalli’s personal Make-up artist
  • Lancome’s Business Manager for the luxury division running one of their largest accounts in Europe
  • Being on the Global Testing Panel for M.A.C Cosmetic product research
  • I’ve also been privileged to work internationally on various projects (both freelance and brand consulting) from Japan to the Middle East!

What is your area of expertise?

I’m fascinated with complexion and the textures of the skin. Whilst I can design creative looks for fashion and media, I equally love to simply enhance the natural palette and bone structure.

What is your make-up motto?

Make-up not only enhances the outer beauty, but also enhances the inner beauty and personality of a person. The way in which make-up can make someone ‘feel’ shows how it really is a fascinating medium.