CIBTAC Lecturer

What courses do you teach here at LSBM?

I teach the CIBTAC Body & Aesthetics courses. 

What do you enjoy the most about teaching?

Watching the progression of the learner throughout their journey and seeing them succeed in their goals.

What inspired you to go into education and teach at LSBM?

I decided after many years in the industry and so much experience under my belt, that it was time to share my knowledge and passion. LSBM has an excellent reputation and students come from all over the world to study here. I wanted to be a part of that, and feel honoured to teach the next generation of therapists. I also love to share what I wish I had known going out into the industry all those years ago.

What are your career highlights?

Travelling extensively as an international rep for a Spanish skincare company. I also sold Beauty training aids, endorsed by VTCT and was a key note speaker at a conference held in Mauritius last year to promote them.

I was Art Garfunkel’s make-up artist when he toured here in the UK, although no one has probably heard of him now. I was a guest on a radio show presenting a slot called The Beauty Spot, where callers would ring in with queries about their skin for me to answer. I have also appeared in numerous adverts on TV.

What is your area of expertise?

I was once one of the few Ionithermie trained therapists in the country and used to do up to 10 a day. I am very interested in body treatments and would say this is my area of expertise.

What is your Beauty Motto?

Beauty is about being the best possible version of yourself, both on the inside and on the out.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Travel, travel and more travel! I love visiting different countries and experiencing different cultures, people and food.

What is your favourite treatment to have and why?

My favourite treatment to have is a pedicure because I am on my feet all day and neglect them. A friend of mine owns a salon and always gives me the most luxurious pedicures and makes my feet look and feel fabulous.

What do you enjoy the most about the beauty industry?

The fact that it doesn’t stand still. It is a forever changing industry with new ideas and treatments emerging all the time. I love that it is for absolutely everyone, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Different cultures perceive beauty in different ways and I love to explore those different ways too.