September is just around the corner and we are more than excited to welcome our new students to The London School of Beauty.

We often get a lot of students just before they sign up to our courses or before they arrive flood us with an array of questions. We understand that you want to make sure that you are making the right decision before you sign up to a course, so we’ve compiled a number of our most commonly asked questions. 

Which course is considered to be a professional course?

All of our courses are professional Level 2 and Level 3. You can do the 2 week MASA Principles course, be qualified in bridal makeup artistry and beauty or you can do the Fashion and Media Makeup Artistry courses to qualify you in those areas.

Do I need a hair styling qualification to do a course?

You don’t need hair styling but it is strongly advised if you want to go into fashion and media to be able to style a little bit of hair so we do offer that on the course. I always think that it’s good the more skills that you have. It’s definitely something we can offer in our fashion and media courses.

What do I need to do makeup in TV and Media?

You would need to do the 4 week MASA Pro Makeup Artistry and Hair Certificate course, the 8 week MASA The Complete Pro Makeup Designer Diploma course or the 12 week MASA The Complete Pro Makeup Designer Diploma Plus Advanced Development course.

Do I need to buy makeup for the courses?

Absolutely not. Everything is provided for you but we do recommend that you buy your own brushes - we do have a set of brushes that are available to purchase as well as brush cleaner and makeup sanitising spray. Other than that, everything is provided on the course.

Will the course help guide my career as a new freelance makeup artist?

Yes. We don’t just teach the practical side of makeup artistry but we also heavily talk about industry, how to market yourself, how to invoice, how to be inspired, how to design - every aspect of makeup artistry is covered on the course.

Do I need to have previously done a course before I started my course?

No, complete beginners can join the MASA makeup course. However, if you have done a basic makeup course in another establishment then you are probably eligible to go into our fashion and media makeup courses.

Will I receive help to get work after the course?

You will probably get work whilst you’re on the course. We strongly believe in work experience, there’s only so much that four walls in a classroom can teach you. So if there’s a chance for you to assist one of our guest lecturers then we will take you out of the classroom and into the working environment if we feel you’re ready for that. We also have an events team that you will automatically be put on when you sign up for the course which allows you to assist makeup artists, be the key designer on a job, charity work, London Fashion Week - anything that comes our way, we have so many jobs that come through that we put through to our events team.

Why should I study at the London School of Beauty and Makeup?

We have really passionate lecturers here who are very knowledgeable about their craft so you’re getting really relevant information and again, we’re really passionate about work experiences so they will be able to take you on jobs with them as well as teaching you.

What courses do I need to do to get discounts on brands?

The longer courses - anything for a month upwards would make you eligible to come and do brand masterclasses and get what is normally 30-35% discount off the brand.

What courses do I need to do in order to get insurance?

All courses allow you to get insurance because there’s no point in offering the course and then you can’t actually work in the industry. All courses are eligible for you to get insurance.

What do students go on to do after they graduate?

Students go on to work in bridal, fashion and media makeup artistry. The events team really helps to launch their career. We have industry days where we talk about CVs, invoicing and how to market yourself - you get that one-to-one help.

If you have any more questions that we haven’t covered, feel free to get in touch with us on 020 3966 8689 or fill out our enquiry form here.