4 Eyebrow Hacks for Your Perfect Shape

Eyebrows? They’re pretty hard to miss on our faces and have changed in fashion over the years. When sculpting the perfect eyebrows, you need patience, a good technique and practice to find the shape right for you! We’ve compiled a few eyebrow hacks for you.

The first time doing anything may not be perfect but some tips and tricks can go a long way to help perfect the art of doing your eyebrows! Eyebrow trends in the past five years have become more popularized by celebrities such as Cara Delevingne & Jason Mamoa. Platforms such as Tiktok have also caused an increase in out-there eyebrows. Regardless of if a person is naturally blessed with eyebrows or has to use products & tricks to fill out their brows. Makeup is ever-evolving, and there is no harm in learning how to do something better, so here are 4 tips that will transform your eyebrow game.

Eyebrow Hack 1: Using The Right Products for Your Eyebrows 

Our first of the 4 eyebrow hacks may seem simple, but there are many different products for eyebrows suited to different needs. Makeup these days is more accessible, there are so many brands offering a range of products suited to the varying needs of the consumer. Right now, There are great eyebrow products that are found in the drugstore or with high-end retailers/brands. It is down to the buyer to do their research to find what works for them and their brows. Different products have different uses and benefits. 

With thousands of products out there, consumers may feel overwhelmed in knowing what to choose. Before choosing a product straight away, it is important to know the difference between different eyebrow products.

There are seven main types of eyebrow products:  


Let us start with pencils that are best suited for softer natural-looking eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils are great for filling gaps in the eyebrows, creating asymmetric eyebrows, and filling sparse eyebrows. 


Brow powders are great to fill in gaps and more sparse areas. When applying the powder to your brows, an angled eyeshadow brush is the best for filling in the brows in a controlled manner. Using other brushes may cause the powder to cake up on the eyebrow. The powder is ideal for a softer look, but people with dry skin should avoid this method.


Pomade is very similar to powder in its purpose and how it’s applied. It is the product behind the “Instagram Eyebrows”, which are eyebrows that are super defined and dramatic. Those looking for a natural eyebrow look should stay away from pomade!


Markers are ideal for creating individual eyebrow hairs. Eyebrow markers are often confused with a felt-tipped liquid liner, but their primary function is to cover up scars and bald spots. Many MUAs will use markers and eyebrow powders together to create natural-looking eyebrows without too much emphasis on the hair. For people with oily skin who live in hotter conditions, markers are a better solution as they can withstand both factors. Many makeup artists opt for using markers as they are known for their long-lasting benefit. To get the best application, use short strokes with light pressure across the eyebrow, in the direction of hair growth. 


Eyebrow gel is great for naturally enhancing the eyebrow as the brush shapes the hairs. The gel itself will hold the hairs in place or even add colour to the eyebrow. For someone who has fuller eyebrows, this is the easier solution because they may just want something to hold the hairs in place rather than using excessive products. Most makeup artists suggest using a spoolie to brush up the eyebrows in their natural shape and then backcomb the eyebrows with the gel afterwards. 


If the gel does not work for taming unruly brow hair, eyebrow wax is a stronger alternative. Wax works as a base for eyebrow powder, great for people whose hair grows rapidly and in different directions.

Colour Fillers

Brow colour fillers offer different colour eyebrows for anyone and everyone. For example, if someone dyes their hair red, they can match their eyebrows to their new hair colour. It can come as a pomade or as mascara. 

Eyebrow Hack 2: Beginners Try an Eyebrow Stencil

Nowadays, the emphasis on eyebrows has only been increasing. Many people online are teaching the newest techniques to help consumers keep up with what is current. For someone who is beginning to learn how to do makeup or wants more practice doing them, eyebrow stencils are great for experimenting. Brow stencils are usually made out of plastic and are flexible to the shape of the face. They provide the shape of the eyebrow for the consumer, and the consumer needs to fill in the outline. Think of it like adult colouring!

When using an eyebrow stencil, you should first apply eyebrow wax to prepare the eyebrows for shaping and keep the product on longer. Line up the stencil over the natural eyebrow to ensure that the eyebrow will come out true to the shape of your face. Stencils have lines that indicate where the eyebrow should arch and where it should end. Next, the main eyebrow filler should be applied (it can be any of the other six mentioned in hack one). Once the eyebrows look like the consumer desires, that is the finished look!

Eyebrow Hack 3: Find The Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

Everyone has a different face shape, and what may work on one person may not work on the other. If you can identify your face shape, then it is easy to frame your eyebrows correctly: 

  • Round face: Someone with a round face should choose an angular eyebrow shape. The strong lines will add balance to the face since round faces naturally lack definition and softness. An angular brow can also increase the appearance of bone structure. 
  • Square face: The opposite of a round face is applied here. Trying a rounded eyebrow shape helps to provide curves in the face. It gives off the illusion of softer facial features. 
  • Heart-shaped face: Those with a heart-shaped face should have brows that are a controlled shape. A high arch within the brow is what is best suited. Adding height to the eyebrows helps accentuate the symmetry naturally occurring in the face but with a soft angle. 
  • Oval face: If you have an oval shape face, there are fewer restrictions on what shape your brows should be. The face shape naturally has balance, so the eyebrows frame is down to the individual’s preference. To emphasise the symmetry of the face, go for a soft angled eyebrow. 
  • Long face: As the face is long downwards, horizontal eyebrows help to even out the face. In turn, the face appears shorter. Remember, extending the tail of the eyebrows will keep the illusions going on your side profile. 

Eyebrow Hack 4: Eyebrows Are Sisters, not Twins

Many people have a preferred eyebrow. It might have a better length, arch, or it is easier to do. There is a multitude of reasons why one might look better than the other. Most eyebrows do not match, and people usually use makeup to improve the symmetry of their eyebrows. A popular saying to remember “Eyebrows should be sisters, not twins”. 

We’re not telling you not to create balance though! Just remember that they do NOT have to be identical! Science even has our back on this one. Eyebrow expert Tonya Crookes explains that “Each brow has a different muscle movement.” She also continued to say that “Sometimes this is caused by what side you’re sleeping on, the muscles on one side weaker than the other, sometimes it is due to how you naturally show expression.”

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