Interview With Michelle – Aesthetics Expert at Premier Laser Clinic

We are excited to share our new YouTube channel, where we will be posting news, interviews and insights of our school as well as Beauty and Aesthetics industry!


Let’s Discuss Level 2 and Level 2&3 Facial Massage and Skincare Courses

Difference between Level 2 and Level 2&3 Facials and Skincare courses


Beauty Trends in 2024 – You Need to Know About These!

Beauty trends are changing quickly and it is important to be on top of it if you are someone who works in Beauty industry. What are the things customers and clients care about in 2024 when it comes to beauty and products?


Get Inspired: Sophie’s Story – Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments Graduate

Sophie's journey into the world of laser and IPL treatments was a dream long in the making. Enrolling in the Level 4 Laser & IPL course in 2022 proved to be a transformative experience for her.
Reflecting on her time at LSBM, Sophie describes it as incredible.


A Guide to Building Lasting Clientele as a Facialist

This guide will give an overview of how to gain and nurture client loyalty, which will result in repeated business, positive word of mouth and essentially - more new clients.


Brands We Work With

A list of some of the brands we collaborate with


Why You Should Upgrade To Level 3 Qualification

These are the benefits you can enjoy upon the completion of your Level 3 course:


Student Success Story – Working In Aesthetics – Nur

Successful and self-employed Nur shares her experience about working in the aesthetics industry


How To Advertise Your Beauty Business On Social Media In 2024

Ideas for your social media!


2024 Course Dates

Full list of 2024 course dates


How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter Time

In winter, the skin requires special attention due to the harsh weather conditions. The cold air tends to be drying, leading to issues such as dryness and flakiness. To combat these challenges, it's important to adopt a winter skincare routine.


What Qualifications Do We Provide and Which Organisations Do We Work With?

There are quite a few qualifications that beauty schools offer. Some are highly recognised by employers, brands and industry a lot more than others. The question is, how to know which ones are, and which ones you should choose?


Student Success Story – Natalia

We are excited to share a story about Natalia, who, after moving to the UK from Ukraine, successfully graduated from Level 2&3 Combined Facials and Skincare at LSBM, and then decided to carry on with her studies, choosing to study Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments with us.


LSBM x Urban Retreat

Discounts and Job Opportunities for LSBM Students


Why It’s Important To Get a Qualification In The Beauty Industry

Getting a qualification in the beauty industry can be highly beneficial for several reasons:


Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal


10-Step Guide To Launching Your Own Salon


How To Become a Highly Paid Beauty Therapist?


Is Beauty Therapy The Right Career For You? Ultimate Career Guide 2023


Level 3 Beauty Therapy Diploma or Level 3 Facial Electrotherapy Certificate?


Why You Should Study Level 4 Laser Hair Removal and IPL Treatments


Level 2 Beauty Therapy Diploma or Level 2 Facial Massage Skin Care Certificate?


Happy New Year 2023 From LSBM


Beauty/Aesthetic client consultation form template

Unsure of what you should include on your beauty salon's client consultation form or why you even need a consultation form? Read our helpful consultation form guide to find out more!


How to perform a beauty treatment client consultation?

Client consultation is a critical part of any beauty/aesthetic treatment. It is so important that it is among the essential foundation training across all our beauty and aesthetics courses. 


What skills do I need to become a Successful Beauty Therapist?

Do you want to become a successful Beauty Therapist? As a Beauty Therapist, you are qualified to deliver facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, waxing and electrotherapy treatments. But what other skills do you need to be a successful beauty therapist?


The Difference between Laser and IPL Hair Removal?

With permanent hair removal becoming more popular, there are many options for professional or at-home permanent hair removal. Do you need to go to a professional, or can you do it at home?


Apps you Need to Manage a Beauty Business

Running your own business is no 9-5. More likely, even when your shop is closed, you're still working behind the scenes. If only you had a helping hand sometimes to make entrepreneurial life a little easier. Well, there are! We've compiled a few apps that will take care of all the little details so you can focus on doing what you do best.


What are our Combi Beauty Graduates Up to?

There's a common misconception that there are only so many career options after completing a beauty qualification, which is not true! A beauty qualification can open you to many new opportunities in the UK or internationally!


How to Care for Your Skin Type?

We'll explain how to care for and maintain those different skin types. So how should you cleanse if you have dry skin or how to reduce the excess oils as someone with oily skin?


What Skin Type Do I Have? Discovering The Different Skin Types

It's vital to understand your skin to better your skincare and overall maintenance, but also for health reasons. Read on to figure out your skin type today.


What is the Difference between a Beauty Therapist and an Aesthetician?

So, we've recently written about the beauty industry's shift towards aesthetics. This information has led to questions from prospective students about the differences between a beauty therapist and an aesthetician.


All about Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment

Microdermabrasion treatment is everyone's favourite technique for a deep and thorough exfoliation. The treatment name translates to scraping of the skin, but simply Microdermabrasion treatment will deeply exfoliate your skin. A professional will remove the outer layer of dead skin to reveal new and supple skin.


Do Beauty Supplements Work?

We see beauty supplements advertised everywhere nowadays. Promising healthy hair, skin and nails but do they really work? Can we really get longer hair and fix our skin by taking tablets?


The Most Popular Beauty Trends of 2022

We're aware that the year isn't over yet, but there are already many beauty trends floating around the internet. We've scoured Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter to bring you the most popular beauty trends of 2022!


What are our CIDESCO Graduates up to?

In today's blog, we've caught up with two of our CIDESCO graduates to show you the potential careers you can enter with a CIDESCO Qualification.


The Benefits of Regular Facial Treatments

Who doesn't love a good facial? For an hour or more, you get pampered and feel relaxed. But did you know, there are more benefits to a regular facial than doing them infrequently? Read on to find out some benefits.


CIDESCO Beauty Therapy or VTCT Beauty Therapy?

So you're interested in studying a comprehensive beauty course? Ideally, one that will teach you everything that you need to know to launch your beauty career. But which extensive beauty course should you choose?


How To Create An Eco-Friendly Beauty Routine


Why Should You Become A CIDESCO Graduate?


Wishing You a Happy Holidays!


2021 Holiday Beauty Gift Guide


How to Transform your Makeup from Day to Night

As things are opening up back again and with the nights so long, going out with friends is a must this winter for the majority. In today's blog, we've compiled some tips that will take your makeup from day to night.


Tips To Prepare Your Skin For A Facial

Are you looking to take your facial journey from your sofa to the salon but unsure of what to expect? In today's blog, we've compiled some useful tips using our extensive facial knowledge to help you prepare.


What You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Treatments

In today's blog, we want to share with you all about laser hair removal treatments! The ever-growing popular choice for semi-permanent hair removal! Most of us are well acquainted with the challenge of staying hairless. Depending on which method you choose, the upkeep is costly, frequent and painful. 


4 Common Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Many makeup wearers start in their teenage years and formed lasting habits. Whilst these habits might work great for their skin, it doesn't always translate well for others. In this blog, we will be discussing tips to avoid these makeup mistakes.


LSBM 2021 Halloween Makeup Masterclass

Our Masterclasses are always a popular event with good vibes and even better makeup looks created. Spread across our 2 makeup studios, we will have experienced makeup artists creating glamorous and spooky looks.


A MUAs Tips to Beautifully Bronzed Skin

As we all know, we've had a non-existent summer in the UK due to the weather and the ongoing COVID situation. All of these various factors for many of us has meant no natural tan bronzy skin! In today's blog, we've compiled some tips to help you achieve beautifully bronzed skin at home.


4 Habits To Improve Your Skin

The beauty industry continues to grow as more and more companies develop products that suit more specific needs. It's not only companies but influencers that also share their personal skincare experiences. It is not the products that go on the skin that can heavily impact skin health, it's a collection of habits that can aid the skincare journey.


Preparing Your Skin For Travel

Preparing for a holiday can be stressful and take a toll on the body. From tiredness, irritability, anxiety and so much more. Physically the body goes through quite a bit as well, due to the change of environment. This is why hydration is essential as this helps the body function as normal and prevents breakouts from happening.


Advancements in Facial and Skincare Technology

As technology advances in all aspects of our lives, it's no surprise that it has also rapidly improved in the facial and skincare industry! Not only are companies benefiting from technology to offer customers long-lasting and skin changing treatments, as seen in the laser industry. Customers are also benefiting from AI technology that allows them to try products and colours in the comfort of their homes.


How To Stop Your Makeup Sliding in Summer

For the past year and a bit, there has been a new normal globally due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Wearing masks has become a necessity, which we all know makes keeping that flawless base in place. The challenge of making sure that your makeup is not sliding around during the summer months with sweat and sebum encourage slipping.


4 Reasons to Study at a Beauty School?

The beauty industry continues to grow every year, offering many opportunities to those interested. In order to get these opportunities, we recommend becoming fully qualified. For prospective students, choosing a beauty school is a life-changing decision that will prepare them for a fulfilling career after they have completed their course.


4 Eyebrow Hacks for Your Perfect Shape

Eyebrows? They're pretty hard to miss on our faces and have changed in fashion over the years. When sculpting the perfect eyebrows, you need patience, a good technique and practice to find the shape right for you! We've compiled a few eyebrow hacks for you.

Regardless, if a person is naturally blessed with eyebrows or has to use products & tricks to fill out their brows.


Market Yourself As A Freelance Makeup Artist

Have you recently completed training as a makeup artist and now looking to market yourself as a makeup artist and welcome some new clients?

Then look no further than social media marketing! As social media continues to grow, there are more ways for freelance makeup artists to create and promote their ability.


Introducing Beauty School Payment Plan

We are so pleased to announce that students enrolling on one of our beauty therapy or makeup artistry courses will now have access to a premium credit interest-free payment plan. The payment plans offer students the option to pay back over 6, 10 or 12 months depending on the length of their beauty or makeup course.


The Importance of Wearing Sunscreen

As we welcome warmer weather, it is the best time to remind you of the importance of sunscreen! Whether you are in the house all day or outside basking in the sunlight, SPF is your skins' best friend.

The sun is at its strongest between 10 am and 4 pm. Even elements such as water, concrete, sand and snow still reflect sun rays and increase the risk of sunburn.


How to Choose the Right Beauty Course?

You've decided that you want to pursue a career in the beauty industry and are wondering how to choose a beauty course? You're unsure what route you want to go down without limiting yourself? Or maybe you want to update your skills and looking for the best beauty course to do that?

But... how do you know which is the right beauty course for you?


CIDESCO – The Most Prestigious Aesthetic and Beauty Training

For this blog, we also got feedback from one of our CIDESCO graduates on their experience studying with LSBM. Mileidys came to study with LSBM all the way from Iceland!


Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Products

As Spring approaches, we can look forward to brighter days, fewer layers, and the fresh Spring air. For most people, Spring is the perfect time to declutter their homes and lives however, many of us will often forget to spring clean our beauty and makeup products.

Well, the staff at LSBM is here today to give you some Spring cleaning tips for your beauty and makeup products.


Certified Laser and IPL Treatments Course

Now is the best time to study a laser and IPL treatments course! The Advanced Aesthetics field is growing in popularity each year as technology advances. Client's are looking for long-lasting results with limited downtime.


Monday the 8th March, We will Be Reopening!


How To Get Into Makeup Artistry

Our MASA Courses are renowned worldwide for their thorough scope of teaching makeup artistry. None of that would be possible without our experienced and talented makeup department. We want to introduce you to our senior makeup lecturer, Jolanta Sewell. We will be talking with her about her passion for makeup and how she started her career.


Introducing Accredited Online Makeup Course

Well, after many months of careful planning and preparation, we will be launching our very own online makeup course! A course that has been carefully created to teach beginners everything makeup.


Beginners Facial Course

By undertaking a beginners facial course, you will learn everything about the skin! From the theory of skin to understanding how to analyse and treat different skin types. There's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all when it comes to facial treatments. Everyone wants a healthy, glow and, knowing what your skin requires will help.


Choosing A Foundation Makeup Course

A foundation makeup course is a perfect way to learn all the basics needed to master makeup artistry. Foundation makeup courses are designed for students to go from beginners to professional MUA's in a desired timeframe.


Happy New Year! We’re Making Changes


Is It Worth Doing A Makeup Course?

Whether it's practising on different skin types or having access to various products and brands, a makeup course will offer many irreplaceable benefits.


Wishing You a Happy Holidays!

The LSBM Team would like to congratulate you on making it to the end of a difficult and trying year! 2020 has been hard on everyone, businesses and individuals alike, but we've made it!


Introducing Our Level 2 & 3 Combined Facials And Skin Care Course

It’s not often at The London School of Beauty & Make-Up that we introduce a new course! This combination offers the ultimate facialist package.


Meet Krisztina – Level 3 Beauty Therapy Tutor

Here at the London School of Beauty & Make-Up, we are introducing a new series to our blog! Meet our tutors!


How to Pursue A Career In Advanced Aesthetics

Laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation are becoming a more popular career path developing in the beauty industry. Many are now choosing to complete a laser training course.


Our Biggest Black Friday Sale Ever!


Is Beauty a Good Career?

You may be seeing more and more beauticians advertising on social media and wondering to yourself is beauty a good career for you? Maybe you’ve always had a passion for skincare or nails? Well now is the perfect time to start pursuing a career in beauty!

Whilst beauty therapy has always been a popular career path, we are seeing an increase of people going back to education to pursue a future in beauty therapy.


How Do You Become a Professional Makeup Artist?

Thinking about becoming a professional makeup artist?

We don't blame you! The makeup industry is booming and it's no secret! It's no surprise that you want to get involved in all the beauty action. The beauty industry has grown by 17% in the last 5 years with an estimated worth of $532 billion and is predicted to continue growing.


At Home Facial Treatment in 5 Steps

With salons closing soon, you should consider treating yourself to a well deserved and affordable pick me up in the form of a facial. From the comfort of your home, in 5 easy steps!

Here at The London School of Beauty & Make-Up, we have worked alongside our knowledgeable beauty tutors to compile a step-by-step list for your at home, spa quality, facial!


Introducing the 24-week Fast Track Level 3 Beauty Therapy Weekend Course

Do you currently hold a Level 2 qualification? Are you wanting to advance as a fully qualified beauty therapist and acquire the needed skills in beauty treatments for hotels, spas, health clubs, high street beauty salons, and aesthetic clinics?


The LSBM Salon has Reopened!

After weeks of renovations, we are happy to let you know that the LSBM beauty salon has opened its doors again.
The London School of Beauty and Makeup is the only school in London to have its very own beauty salon on site. The beauty salon has nine treatment rooms, designated areas for manicures and pedicures and spa facilities.


How to Become a Makeup Artist

Studying an accredited makeup course is essential if you are serious about having a career as a professional makeup artist, read more on how you can achieve your makeup career dreams with us at LSBM


How to Become a Cosmetologist/Beauty therapist

Interested in a career working in the beauty therapy industry? Read our comprehensive guide on how you can work in the cosmetology world.


Book onto Our New Bridal Makeup Course – Perfect for Upcoming Weddings In 2020

Expand your makeup business and revenue by working on clientele who are preparing for their big day


Get into Asian Bridal Hair and Make-Up Artistry with Our New Courses Coming This December

From dupatta setting to the latest Asian bridal makeup trends, our brand new Asian bridal courses are a chance to learn to prepare Asian brides for their special day


How to Choose The Right Course for Your Dream Makeup Job

There are so many types of make up artistry to get into, here is our comprehensive guide which course to take to get you on your way as a makeup artist.


How to Choose the Right Course for Your New Beauty Career

With so many options out there, it can get confusing when deciding which way to navigate your newfound career. This guide will help you make the right choice in finding out the right choice for you in your professional life.


Career Pathways in Beauty Therapy and Makeup Artistry – Student Success Story – Gabrielle Cheyney

Read all about Gabrielle's success in the beauty industry.


Frequently Asked Questions with Head of Make Up, Carla Levy

We answered all of the commonly asked questions we receive from prospective students who are about to join us ranging from if they need makeup to study our courses to what do our graduates do after their time at our school.


Why It’s Important to Study an Accredited Beauty Course

Have a blossoming beauty therapy career by making sure you have all the right qualifications covered


Career Pathways in Beauty Therapy and Makeup Artistry – Student Success Story Gandhi Ishita

Read all about Gandhi Ishita's success in the makeup industry.


Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Cosmetology

All the exciting reasons why wanting to make beauty their full time job


Getting Certified for Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments Hair Removal

Shining a light on a career in advanced beauty


Which Makeup Artistry Course to Choose to Become an Accredited Makeup Artist

Make the most of your makeup artistic abilities and get all the right qualifications to be on your way to an exciting career...


Career Pathways in Beauty Therapy and Makeup Artistry – Student Success Story – Rosie Langlay

Read all about Rosie's success in the beauty industry.


Beauty Student Interview – Grace Wren

Grace started her beauty journey by enrolling onto Level 2 Beauty Therapy, and now absolutely loves coming to work!


Make-Up Open Evening – Thursday 24th January

Do you love make-up? Want to be your own boss? Then a career in make-up artistry may be for you!


Beauty Alumni Interview – Greta Bieliauskaite

Greta started her beauty journey by enrolling onto Level 2 Beauty Therapy, and hasn't looked back


Career Pathways in Beauty Therapy and Makeup Artistry – Student Success Story – Arri Louch

Read all about Arri's success in the beauty industry.


Make-Up Open Evening – Thursday 20th September

Do you love make-up? Want to be your own boss? Then a career in make-up artistry may be for you!


Givenchy PR Nail Event – Summer Beauty Collections

Two of our students provided manicure services for the unveiling of Givenchy's New Summer Beauty Collections


CIDESCO Models Required for July Practice Exams

Fancy a full day of pampering from an already qualified therapist? Then read on!


The Search Is On for The Superfacialist’s Next Protégé

The London School Of Beauty & Make-up is delighted to team up with internationally renowned facialist Su-Man Hsu to find her next apprentice.


Make-Up Open Evening – Tuesday 24th April

Do you love make-up? Want to be your own boss? Then a career in make-up artistry may be for you!


Make-Up Alumni Interview – Swati Verma, International Make-Up Artist

Swati started her make-up career by enrolling on a course at LSBM, and now works as an International Make-up Artist


Phillip Schofield – How to Spend It Well at Christmas


Nina Naustdal for London Fashion Week Showcase -February 2017


Make-Up Graduates Work at The British Museum – Festival of Osiris


Why Choose a CIDESCO International Beauty Therapy and Spa Diploma Qualification?


CIBTAC Students Complete Their Exams


LSBM to Open Five Beauty & Make-Up Schools in Saudi Arabia


MASA Make-Up Graduates Work Backstage Assisting International Make-Up Artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis


LSBM Students Raised Over £300 As Part of The British Red Cross Week 2016


International Make-Up Artist Sharon Dowsett Visits Our MASA Make-Up Students at LSBM


Celebrity Make-Up Artist Lee Pycroft Visits Our Masa Make-Up Students at LSBM


MASA Students Work with One Dining for Eva Cavalli’s Birthday!

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