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Part-Time - Saturdays (10am-5pm) - 6 Weeks


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Weekend - Saturdays (10am-5pm) - 24 weeks


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Part-Time - Monday to Wednesday (10am-5pm) - 24 Weeks


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Part-Time - Monday to Friday (10am-5pm) - 6 Weeks
Part-Time - Wednesday to Friday (10am-5pm) - 6 Weeks


Here at LSBM, we offer a total of five VTCT Level 2 or Level 2 & 3 combined beauty therapy courses. Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) is a specialist awarding and assessment organisation offering vocational and technical qualifications across a variety of service sectors, including beauty therapy.

The Level 2 Beauty Therapy Diploma is perfect for entry level students on the first rung of their beauty careers. You’ll cover waxing, facials, lashes and brows and manicures and pedicures. If you have aspirations to work in a beauty salon, or as a private beauty therapist, this is the course for you. What’s more, with the course running on a Saturday, it’s ideal if you need to fit your learning around other commitments.

Another option, if you wish to study more intensively and achieve a higher level of knowledge in a shorter time, is the Level 2 and 3 Combined Beauty Therapy Diploma. This more comprehensive beauty therapy course adds body massage, facial electrotherapy and body electrotherapy to your skillset, and results in being awarded both the VTCT Level 2 and Level 3 Beauty Therapy Studies Diplomas.

For those looking to specialise in facials and skincare, there are two choices. The Level 2 Facial Massage & Skin Care Certificate is the ideal introduction, providing hands-on learning around massage, steaming, exfoliation, moisturising and masque application. Or opt for the Level 2 and 3 Combined Facials and Skin Care Course, which extends learning to anatomy and physiology, as well as mechanical and electrical facial treatments.

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Weekend - Saturdays (10am-5pm) - 8 Weeks


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Weekend - Saturdays (10am-5pm) - 24 weeks


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Part-Time - Monday to Wednesday (10am-5pm) - 24 Weeks


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Part-Time - Monday to Friday (10am-5pm) - 6 Weeks
Part-Time - Wednesday to Friday (10am-5pm) - 6 Weeks


We offer two combined Level 2 and 3 courses here at LSBM, as well as three Level 3 beauty therapy and cosmetology courses.

For those looking to build upon their knowledge of facial treatments gained at Level 2, the Level 3 Facial Electrotherapy Course provides training in five electrotherapy treatments, plus an additional anatomy and physiology qualification.

If you are seeking to enhance your beauty therapy knowledge from Level 2, the Level 3 Beauty Therapy Diploma course will add to your skillset with body massage, facials and electrotherapy training. This beauty therapy course is designed to enhance career prospects by expanding knowledge.

Beauty therapists looking to pursue an enhanced qualification in a specialist field will find the Level 3 Certificate in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology a good choice. Covering all major systems of the human body, this course provides an excellent foundation for future studies.

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Full-Time - Monday - Friday (10am-5pm) - 5 Days
Part-Time - Saturdays Only (10am-5pm) - 5 Weeks


The Level 4 Certificate in Laser & IPL Treatments is an advanced part-time course building on your knowledge gained in Levels 2 and 3.

This highly sought-after qualification covers hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments in-depth. You’ll need Level 2 Facial Massage & Skin Care, and Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology to get onto this course, as well as the VTCT Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention, which is a requirement for all VTCT beauty therapy and cosmetology courses at the London School of Beauty & Make-up.


Full-Time - Monday to Thursday (9.30am-5pm) - 43 Weeks



Full-Time - Monday to Thursday (9.30am-5pm) - 24 Weeks


CIBTAC and CIDESCO are globally renowned organisations, respected throughout the beauty therapy industry for their high calibre courses, best-practice training and advanced qualifications. Beauty therapists who hold qualifications from these bodies are considered best in class, and hold competitive advantage in the job market.

LSBM offers a core set of CIBTAC and CIDESCO beauty therapy courses, including three comprehensive full-time courses leading to multiple beauty therapy qualifications, and one part time post graduate programme designed to upgrade existing beauty therapy skill sets to the esteemed CIDESCO standard. All courses include valuable practical training and some offer exclusive extra-curricular modules.


A career in beauty therapy is one of the most rewarding you could follow. Diverse, flexible, and offering a vast array of opportunities, beauty therapy is a highly respected profession that is positively brimming with variety.

Few career paths allow you to choose from such a wide variety of working environments, from salons and spas to cruise liners and health clubs, and from fashion and media to TV and film, there really is so much choice for the qualified beauty therapist.

If you are considering pursuing a career in the beauty services industry, you will naturally be weighing up your options in terms of beauty therapy courses. At the London School of Beauty & Make-up (LSBM), we have built a revered reputation as one of the most popular and successful beauty schools, welcoming students from the world over.


For those seeking beautician courses, our London-based school offers a wide selection of choices, with a range of study options to suit your individual work/life balance and future career aspirations. We also offer courses designed to enhance existing beauty therapy skills, and to upscale existing qualifications for enhanced career prospects.

Whether you elect to study full time, part time or at home, with LSBM, you will always receive the highest levels of support and exceptional training as you move towards your ultimate career goal. What’s more, many LSBM beauty therapy courses include extra-curricular modules designed to further enhance your knowledge and help you gain a competitive edge in the job market. You will also get to hone your skills first-hand as you undertake practical experience on our paying clients.

Ready to take the first step towards a fulfilling career? Read on to learn more about the beauty therapy and cosmetology courses we offer here at LSBM.


Beauty therapy has become an essential part of modern-day life and, in a society where individuals strive to attain optimum wellness and work/life balance, there has never been a better time to gain skills in a career that allows you the flexibility and diversity to continually change and direct your life.

Our beauty therapy courses will open up a wonderfully exciting range of career opportunities for you, whilst ensuring that you reach a high professional standard that will exceed the expectations of your future clients. Beauty training products and any specialised equipment will be provided by the school.

Study one of our beautician courses with us, and enjoy the benefits of:

  • Beauty, spa therapy and medi-aesthetic courses
  • Working with international brands and cosmetic houses
  • Career diversity
  • Flexible learning
  • International job opportunities
  • Post graduate CPD courses
  • Post graduate master classes
  • The freedom of being your own boss
  • LSBM partnership with Urban Retreat

All of our beauty therapy courses in London are taught by highly qualified Lecturers who have many years of industry experience, in addition to postgraduate teaching qualifications.

Whether you choose our full-time, part-time or Saturday only beauty therapy courses, our programmes are designed to provide a balance of comprehensive practical and theoretical experience. When training, all students are required to work on each other in the classroom in order to gain a full understanding of each treatment, meaning you will be receiving treatments as well as giving them. Once you’re fully confident in your skill set, and have passed your final practical exam, you will be required to work with paying clients.

This valuable experience will allow you to learn how to meet the expectations and demands of clients and perfect your retail sales and customer service techniques. Our beauty therapy and cosmetology courses will, in addition to the above, also require you to attend lectures in human anatomy and physiology. Out of hours study will be necessary to ensure the knowledge and skills attained in class are perfected to the high standards we expect of our beauty therapy students.

For further information on our beauty therapy course enrolment process, and our terms and conditions, please contact the Administration team on 020 3966 8690, or browse our Frequently Asked Questions page.


Here we share with you all that you need to know about the Beauty Therapy courses and Cosmetology courses offered in London. The information found in this section covers the training available at The London School of Beauty & Make-up, the qualifications you can achieve and the support you can expect to receive from LSBM as you complete your beautician training.

We offer a variety of beautician courses and a range of ways to learn here at the London School of Beauty & Make-up. These include Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) Level 2, 3 and 4 beauty therapy courses. Our London based training can be provided on a full time, part-time or weekend basis to suit your requirements. Some of our courses will involve online learning for students to complete as home study. VTCT Beauty Therapy Courses span anywhere from six weeks to 24 weeks, depending on which beautician courses London students decide to follow.

We also offer the more advanced CIBTAC and CIDESCO beauty therapy courses. These can range from 19 to 43 weeks in duration, and there is also the opportunity to study the CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Post Graduate Programme, which runs over nine days.

All of our beautician and cosmetology courses are taught by highly qualified lecturers with extensive industry experience and postgraduate teaching qualifications. Whatever beauty therapy courses you choose in London, you can rest assured that our programmes will provide a good balance of practical and theoretical learning, for a fully-rounded experience and enhanced career prospects.

All LSBM students are required to work on each other whilst in the classroom. Our Level 3 Beauty Therapy Course students have allocated practical hours, whilst our Level 2 students who have passed their final practical and built up sufficient confidence will get to work with paying clients also.

This invaluable experience will help you learn to deal with clients, and to develop your client service skills; all vital if you are to make a successful career in the beauty therapy industry.

We offer a range of facilities to support our beauty therapy courses. As a London beautician student, you can take advantage of our classrooms where, when qualified, you can offer treatments on paying clients to gain valuable experience to enhance future post-graduate employment prospects.

We also offer treatment rooms, and a nail bar, together with a laser and IPL classroom, and four dedicated classrooms for beautician courses with up to ten couches.

LSBM is a widely respected beauty therapy training school. As such, we are often approached by notable brands and industry leaders who are looking to engage the skills of talented people who have graduated from our beauty therapy courses. LSBM receives a number of job placement requests every year, all of which we take pleasure in passing on to our graduate alumni.

Qualifications are awarded differently depending on the particular beauty therapy courses studied.

For VTCT courses, once you have submitted your portfolio complete with all your theory and practical assessments, it will go through two assessments. Your observations reports will then be sent to VTCT so that your beauty therapy certificate can be claimed. This will usually arrive with us at LSBM within around six to eight weeks.

If you have studied a CIBTAC beauty therapy course, you will receive a confirmation letter on the day of your final exam. Your certificate will usually arrive here at LSBM around six weeks later.

For CIDESCO beautician courses, London School of Beauty & Make-up students will receive a confirmation letter on the day of the final exam, and the final diploma will be awarded on completion of 600 hours of commercial service.

We are always happy to provide a letter confirming your completion of any course whilst you await the arrival of your certificate should this be necessary.

We welcome students from all over the world here at LSBM, although not all our courses are eligible for international study, so please do check individual course details.

If the course is eligible, you will require an appropriate visa. You can check visa requirements for your individual country here. If you are enrolling on one of our CIBTAC beauty therapy courses then you will need to undertake a face-to-face or remote interview to establish suitability and eligibility for your chosen course.

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