School Charter

At The London School of Beauty and Make-Up we are committed to offering a consistently high level of teaching provision, whilst maintaining strong relationships with our students. However, we also recognise that issues can occur, and should students wish to raise a legitimate complaint; we have a responsibility to ensure that a clear and accessible procedure is available in order to effectively resolve the discrepancy.

Complaints Policy

Due to the intensity of the course and the resulting pressure of studying, the smallest problem can sometimes create concern. Generally, these concerns are minor and are resolved quickly and easily. However, from time to time a serious concern may arise. To ensure due sensitivity in handling the matter and a fair outcome, the following procedure will help:

1. Discuss your concern at once with the other party to prevent the situation from getting worse. If you are unable to do so or are unhappy with the outcome, express your concern in writing via letter or email.

2. If this does not resolve the matter, the student can then lodge a formal complaint and forward it to the Student Liaison Team at admin@beauty-school.co.uk. The official complaint will be investigated by the Student Liaison Team.

Throughout the complaints process, every effort will be made to acknowledge a formal complaint within five working days. You should then receive a written response within ten working days; unless there are exceptional circumstances, whereby you will be informed that more time is required to investigate the complaint thoroughly.

3. Should you continue to feel dissatisfied following the result of Stage 2, you should contact the Managing Director in writing within seven days from receiving the written response.

You will receive a letter from the Managing Director within five working days, acknowledging their request to further the complaint. Managing Director will then independently review the decision made in Stage 2, alongside all other relevant information.

You will receive a written response within fifteen working days unless there are exceptional circumstances of which students will be notified.

4. If you are unhappy with the way in which a school has dealt with the complaint at the formal stage, you may be able to approach our external awarding bodies such as CIDESCO, CIBTAC or VTCT. Alternatively, you can seek your own legal advice.

Additional Points

• Students currently registered and those who have graduated from the School within the last three years will qualify to lodge a complaint.

• The School reserves the right to refuse any complaint lodged more than three years after the incident to which it relates.

• The student will be consistently informed of the progress of their complaint during the complaint procedure and they will receive reasons in writing for any decision reached at each stage of the process.

• Students are entitled to be accompanied to any meeting by a member of the School, such as a peer or member of staff.

• The School is conscious of its duty to maintain the rights of those who are falsely accused of a complaint. Consequently, where a student is found to have manufactured an unfounded complaint or relied on false information, the School will exercise its Disciplinary Procedure in respect of the student’s conduct.

• Students are expected to conduct themselves during the complaints process in a reasonable manner; any aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated

• Thank you for continuing to work with the school, we appreciate your support and value your feedback. For further information or advice on how to raise an issue, contact the School’s Education Manager.

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