Beauty Alumni Interview – Greta Bieliauskaite

This week we interviewed Greta Bieliauskaite who is a Pro Therapist @ LSBM Salon & Spa. Greta studied Level 2 and 3 Beauty Therapy along with Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments Diploma here at LSBM. Greta enjoyed studying with LSBM so much that she decided to stay on and work in our on-site commercial salon & spa as a Pro Therapist. Greta is now a valued member of the Pro Team and has been with us in the salon for 6 months.

Why did you decide to study Beauty Therapy?

I have always wanted to study beauty therapy, it really interested me as a career choice and I wanted a skill where I could progress and work in a range of jobs all over the world. I wanted to enter an industry where it wouldn’t feel like a job, and beauty is definitely a career where it doesn’t feel like that. The days go by so quickly as I really enjoy what I do.  

What made you decide you wanted to study at The London School of beauty & Make-up?

I really did my research in trying to find the best beauty school in London, I visited all of them and LSBM really stood out in terms of large light classrooms, the commercial salon, and how friendly the staff were. I also read all the Google and Facebook reviews which helped me in my decision. I wanted a school with standards, where I was going to learn the treatments to the best of my ability, not a school where they would push you through in a short space of time and you would come out with a bad standard of treatment.

What was the best part of the course?

Every part was amazing, but the best part for me is how skilled, friendly and approachable all my tutors were as well as the office team. I did all the beauty levels in the school and had different teachers for each, who were all so knowledgeable in their particular specialism, it’s great to learn from different people and understand the journey they went on to get to where they are now.

What treatments do you like to provide the most and why?

My favorite treatments are electrotherapy facials and laser/IPL treatments because you can see the long-term effects, especially when clients return and they are so happy with the results! Laser & IPL treatments are definitely my favourite for hair removal and skin rejuvenation. The science behind the machines is really interesting and the effect that this has on the skin is really incredible. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into beauty therapy and wanting to study at LSBM?

My advice would be that you have to perform every treatment from your heart, you can’t be tired or in a bad mood as the client will pick up on this energy; you have to be happy and positive at all times, this is how you get return clients and repeat business. Really listen to what the client is asking for in their consultation, and perform each treatment to the best of your ability. I would definitely still choose LSBM over any other beauty school, the standard that they teach to is far superior to any other beauty school, my friends on my course have all got jobs and gone into the work place at a higher level due to the excellent stand of treatment we are taught here at the school. 

Visit each school and then make up your mind on where to study, some schools may be cheaper, but you may be in a tiny room with a class of 20, or you may be in a basement with no natural daylight. I would also check that the course they are offering is actually a qualification and not an in-house certificate, there are quite a few misleading schools out there!

You now work as a Pro Therapist in the LSBM Salon & Spa, what is the most valuable thing you have learnt, and what do you enjoy the most?

The most valuable thing which I have learnt is about client care and communication. Before I started this journey I thought that you just do the treatment and the client will be happy, however being a beauty therapist is about so much more than that. Clients come to you as a treat and to relax, there are so many salons out there, however they have chosen to come to you, and book in with you as a therapist; you need to provide them with the best experience possible, it’s about the little things from how you smile at them, how you greet them to how your hands make them feel and the energy which you pass on. The best feeling for me is a happy client, and when they come in to see me having had a bad day, then turning their mood around to being happy once they leave me is the best feeling. 

What is your future career goal?

I would love to open my own business, create a wonderful team and exceed all client expectations with the range of treatments that are on offer. 

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