CIDESCO – The Most Prestigious Aesthetic and Beauty Training

The CIDESCO qualification is acknowledged around the world as being the most Prestigious Aesthetic and Beauty Training. The Comite International d’Esthetique et de Cosmetologie came together for the first time in 1946. The purpose of this committee was for beauty specialists from around the globe to agree on a standard for beauty treatments. 75 years later, the CIDESCO qualification is the leading beauty therapist qualification with training academies in over 40 countries.

The London School of Beauty and Makeup is one of the leading CIDESCO training academies in the world. Students from all over the world will come to the UK to study with us.

Why the CIDESCO Qualification?

Well, as previously mentioned a CIDESCO qualification is the most prestigious international beauty qualification in the world. Students who complete their certification as fully qualified as Level 4 Beauticians will be able to travel the world. With a CIDESCO qualification, you can work in over 40 different countries, spanning 5 continents. 

What will you Learn on the CIDESCO Diploma?

On the CIDESCO training program, students will learn three main qualifications. These qualifications include:

  • CIBTAC Facial Electrotherapy
  • CIBTAC Body Therapy
  • CIDESCO Beauty Therapy Diploma

The course will span over 43 weeks, and students will learn an array of treatments. These treatments will cover aesthetics, body therapy, and the CIDESCO beauty therapy.

Why The London School of Beauty & Makeup?

LSBM is one of, if not the most prestigious beauty academies in the UK. As mentioned, we are an internationally acclaimed school with students securing their place with us months in advance. 

Students that study their CIDESCO with us will not only leave with a high-class education from a leading training provider. They will also have access to LSBM’s modern, clean, and up-to-date training machines. These machines will help students practice Electrical facial and body massages. 

The CIDESCO tutors at LSBM are amongst the best in the country. With many years of experience as beauty therapists under their belt, and are all CIDESCO qualified. On our team of tutors, we have Trisha Causon, an international examiner for CIDESCO. Trisha has toured the world as a therapist and educator. Trisha is always eager to share her knowledge and experience with her students, making her the best kind of tutor.

Finally, those that study with us here at The London School of Beauty & Makeup will have access to the commercial salon on our premises once competent. Students will get to practice their treatments on paying clients alongside professional therapists and our CIDESCO qualified salon Manager. 

So why not choose LSBM, the leading beauty school for your CIDESCO qualification! 

Don’t just take our word for it!

For this blog, we also got feedback from one of our CIDESCO graduates on their experience studying with LSBM. Mileidys came to study with LSBM all the way from Iceland!

Student Feedback on CIDESCO Beauty Training

What is your name?

My name is Mileidys Leal Trapaga

What course were you studying at The London School of Beauty & Make-Up?

I was in the Cidesco course, the second-best decision I have done in my life!

Why did you decide to take the course?

I chose The London School of Beauty Make-up, first for the location. I am not from the UK, but the Academy had good transport facilities (buses, underground, bike). Being in Barbican meant being in the centre of London, and I could access other places easily.

What were you doing before the course? What is your background? What are you doing now as a career?

I studied the VTCT Level 2 Beauty Therapy Qualification a couple of years ago. Then I found out the most prestigious qualification for a beautician is CIDESCO, so I said at that moment, I want that.

Before the course, I was working as a beautician in Spa Hilton Nordica in Iceland for over 2 years. My specialties were as a Makeup Artist and Sports massage therapist. Funnily enough, I am still working in Hilton Spa but in beauty. It is different now that I am CIDESCO qualified. My technique, client communication, beauty knowledge, and my confidence are 200 %. My tutor Trisha always said CIDESCO is the best, and I can now confirm.

What are your aspirations and ambitions for your future? Your career ambitions? For example, where do you want to be in 10 years?

My aspirations are simple, first is to get better and better, every single day, professionally and personally. My clients will get to see how professional I am, and I can treat them effectively using all the treatments I have learned. Of course, I would like a better salary and open my Skin Clinic or Spa after 2 years.

Have you found the course to be useful? 

I cannot describe how useful this course is we studied everything we need to know for life and more. We learned about diet, skincare, anatomy, cytology, and more. 

What did you think of the course instructors?

My sweet tutor Trisha is the best! She is a book full of all the knowledge you need. I do not have the words to explain the beautiful person she is. I’ve always said that even after 30 years, I will remember my CIDESCO Tutor, Trisha. Where I live my friends know about her because I have spoken a lot about her.

Would you recommend The London School of Beauty & Make-Up to your friends?

Of course! 100%! I recommended LSBM to my friends and everybody!

Would you recommend the CIDESCO course you did to your friends & why?

I have recommended this course to my friends for all the reasons I’ve talked about before. The opportunities with this diploma are fantastic.

What would you change about the course to make it better, or what do you think future students would benefit from?

I would not change anything about the course, for future students I would recommend practicing with a real model for makeup.

If you are interested in finding out more about our CIDESCO qualification starting on the 6th September 2021, then get in touch today! Our friendly enrolment staff will be able to answer any further questions you might have.

Send an email to contact@beauty-school.co.uk !

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