Let’s Discuss Level 2 and Level 2&3 Facial Massage and Skincare Courses

A Level 2 facial massage and skincare course provides training in facial massage techniques and skincare procedures. They also dive into a deeper understanding of skincare ingredients, conditions, and treatments, including how to address specific skin concerns such as acne, ageing, or sensitivity. The goal is to provide students with a more comprehensive understanding of facial massage and skincare techniques, enabling them to offer more specialized and effective treatments to clients. To enrol to this course you don’t need any prior experience, apart from a good understanding of English language.

See the diagram 1:


After completing a Level 2 Facial Massage and Skincare course, you may qualify for various jobs in the beauty and wellness industry. Some potential career paths include:

Aesthetician: As an aesthetician, you can work in spas, salons, or skincare clinics, providing a range of facial treatments such as cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage, and mask applications. You may also offer skincare consultations and recommend products for clients.
Spa Therapist: Spa therapists work in spa settings, providing a variety of treatments including facials, massages, body wraps, and aromatherapy. Your training in facial massage and skincare can be a valuable asset in this role.
Skincare Specialist: Skincare specialists focus specifically on providing skincare treatments and advice to clients. With your Level 2 training, you can specialise in facial massage techniques and customise treatments to address specific skin concerns.
Beauty Consultant: Beauty consultants work in retail settings such as beauty counters or cosmetic stores, where they assist customers in selecting skincare products and provide demonstrations of facial massage techniques. Your expertise in skincare and facial massage can help you excel in this role.
Freelance Aesthetician: You may choose to work independently as a freelance aesthetician, offering facial massage and skincare services to clients in their homes or at events. This allows you to have more flexibility in your schedule and potentially higher earning potential.
Product Sales Representative: With your knowledge of skincare products and facial massage techniques, you can pursue a career as a sales representative for skincare brands. You would educate clients about products and demonstrate their benefits, helping to drive sales.

Overall, completing a Level 2 facial massage and skincare course can open up various opportunities in the beauty and wellness industry, allowing you to pursue a fulfilling career helping clients look and feel their best.

For those who want to not only learn the fundamentals of facials and skincare but expand their knowledge with mechanical and electrical face treatments, earn more and secure better job positions, Level 2 and 3 Combined Facials and Skin Care Course is the answer. Please see the modules covered in the Diagram 2:


Completing a Level 2 and Level 3 Combined Facials and Skincare course equips you with an advanced skill set in facial treatments, skincare techniques, and client consultation. With this comprehensive training, you can pursue various rewarding career paths in the beauty and wellness industry. Some potential job opportunities include:

Senior Aesthetician: With your advanced knowledge and skills in facials and skin care, you may qualify for senior aesthetician positions in high-end spas, wellness centres, or skincare clinics. In this role, you would perform a wide range of facial treatments, supervise junior aestheticians, and provide expert skincare advice to clients.
Spa Manager: Your combined Level 2 and Level 3 training can prepare you for managerial roles in spas or salons. As a spa manager, you would oversee daily operations, manage staff, develop treatment protocols, and ensure high-quality client experiences. Your expertise in facials and skincare would be instrumental in maintaining the spa’s reputation for excellence.
Clinical Aesthetician: Clinical aestheticians work in medical spas or dermatology offices, providing advanced skincare treatments to address specific skin concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation, or ageing. Your Level 3 training may include knowledge of advanced skincare technologies and treatments, making you well-suited for this specialized role.
Skincare Educator: With your in-depth understanding of facials and skincare techniques, you can pursue a career as a skincare educator or trainer. You could work for beauty schools, training academies, or skincare brands, teaching aspiring aestheticians the latest techniques and industry trends.
Skincare Consultant: Skincare consultants work in retail settings, helping customers select skincare products and develop personalized skincare routines. Your combined Level 2 and Level 3 training would enable you to offer expert advice on facial treatments, product recommendations, and skincare regimens.
Advanced Treatment Specialist: Your training in advanced facials and skincare techniques can qualify you to specialize in specific treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, or LED therapy. You could work in specialized clinics or medispas, offering these advanced treatments to clients seeking targeted skincare solutions.

Overall, completing a Level 2 and Level 3 combined facials and skincare course opens up diverse opportunities for career advancement and specialization in the beauty and wellness industry.

Why You Should Study At LSBM?

LSBM is one of the most recognised Beauty and Aesthetic schools in the UK. Located in London, we are working with worldwide Beauty brands, companies and clinics such as Nars, FaceGym, Eudelo, UK Laser Clinics, Premier Laser Clinic, Dermalogica and more. This means you have an opportunity to secure your job position easier and faster than others by attending our brand and networking events. You can also meet people who are professionals in the field and can introduce you to the behind-the-scenes Beauty and Aesthetics industry.

You’ll be taught by industry leaders who have years of experience in teaching as well as Beauty and Aesthetics. They’ll share their secret techniques that work the best on clients. You’ll be fully supported and taken care of by the tutors and the rest of LSBM team.

You can be sure you’ll make lifelong friends as all our students are motivated, friendly and very supportive of one another. You’ll be performing treatments on each other which will help you grow and learn together.

Did we mention real-life practise? Depending on the course, you’ll be performing treatments on paying clients which will give you a massive boost of confidence once you finish the course and start working at a real workplace.

These are just a couple of reasons of why you should study at LSBM. If you have any specific enquiries and would like to joins us, do not hesitate to contact our Admissions team:

admission@beauty-school.co.uk, +44 203 966 8690

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