How to Transform your Makeup from Day to Night

As things are opening up back again and with the nights so long, going out with friends is a must this winter for the majority. Also, with the working from home movement coming to an end, many of us will end up heading out straight from work! In today’s blog, we’ve compiled some tips that will take your makeup from day to night.

When at work, most people go for the no-makeup makeup look or something minimal to look more awake early in the morning. No one wants to go in with a full glam makeup look that early in the morning – although kudos to you if you manage. Besides, after a long day of working in that makeup, it will most likely have shifted or not look as fresh.

Carrying a makeup bag to work with products that can dramatically change your day makeup look into a night is essential! A major difference between day and night makeup is the consideration for the different lighting. At night, lights tend to be dimmer, so the makeup needs to stand out more, this does not mean piling on lots of products. Adding colours and contrast purposefully helps makeup be more visible in low light situations.

Day to Night Makeup Tip 1: Clean your Face and Start Afresh 

It might sound very time consuming however it’s always easier to start with a clean canvas than tackling worn makeup! Carrying some skincare is just as important as the makeup. It does not have to be your full skincare routine, maybe just a makeup remover, face wash and moisturizer. After wearing your makeup all day at work, it has most likely smudged from the day’s tasks such as eating, sweating and just touching your face.

Your makeup would have been sitting in the pores for more than 8 hours with all of these factors mentioned previously, which can cause pores to clog and skin to break out. Micellar water and then cleansing the face can help prevent a breakout, and additionally, the new makeup will look better on freshly cleansed and moisturised skin. 

If there is no time to remove the day makeup, an alternative is blotting papers to remove built-up sebum from the face. Blotting paper infused with green tea can be very beneficial because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Day to Night Makeup Tip 2: Use Long-Lasting Products

Whether the occasion is clubbing, dinner or just drinks, long-wear makeup is way better for late-night adventures for several reasons. As most of the population here work 9 to 5, more people will be out around the same time. Lots of bodies in small venues equals heat and sweat. Wearing sweat and smudge-proof makeup will prevent your products from sliding all over the face.

Primer is essential because not only does it seal moisture in the face, and helps makeup products be applied more evenly. It also stops makeup from seeping into the pores, which again prevents breakouts. Another tip would be to wear waterproof mascara, as the night could be one with lots of dancing which causes sweating. Either way, mascara running around the eye, giving you panda eye is not a cute look at all! On the subject of eye makeup, priming the eye will prevent eye makeup from looking smudging or looking faded out. Similar to foundation, eye primer smooths out the complexion of the eyelid and prevents eyeshadow from creasing.

Also setting the face with a long-lasting setting spray will go a long way in ensuring that makeup stays put and fresh looking.

Day to Night Makeup Tip 3: Darker makeup (eyeshadow, lashes and lipstick)

Night makeup is more about contrast and colour. Here are four things that you should do to transform your day makeup to a night makeup look:


Eyeliner can add depth, especially if time is limited. Adding a winged liner to a simple makeup look can make it look more dramatic and interesting. Eyeliner can draw attention away from tired eyes. Another hack to make the eyes look less tired is when drawing eyeliner, start in the inner corner of the eye thin and widen the liner near the outer corner of the eye. Adding mascara to this look can add more drama but avoid applying extra mascara on top of the day’s mascara, as this makes mascara extra clumpy.


A smoky eye is a go-to for a night look. It adds greater depth to the eye and makes the eyes seem more intriguing and alluring. Another plus is that there are smaller eyeshadow palettes out there specifically for smokey eyes and they are usually travel-sized. Making it easier to throw into your handbag on your way to work. Smokey eyes are also quick to do and don’t require defined edges or well-blended colours. A great choice for someone crunched for time to not worry about being late. 


When going out, simply changing the lip colour to something bold is effective and time-saving. A bolder lip can spruce up a makeup look drastically. Opt for a lip shade that is a few shades darker than the natural lip colour or bold red lipstick. Unless you’ve gone for a dramatic eye look, then go for neutral lip colours. 


Highlight can be utilised in numerous ways, whether it is around the eyes or the cheek. It distracts away from tired-looking skin. Also, because the light is dimmer, add a little extra highlighter for a nice glowy effect around the eyes, cheekbones, forehead or even on the body such as shoulders or collarbone. 

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