Make-Up Graduates Work at The British Museum – Festival of Osiris

Our make-up graduates worked very hard at The British Museum – Festival of Osiris on Friday 23rd October. The event was inspired by the ancient Egyptian Khoiak Festival, which revolves around the myth of the god Osiris, murdered by his brother Seth, and revived by his sister-wife Isis to the point where she could conceive their son Horus. Osiris withdrew to rule the underworld, while Isis protected Horus until he was old enough to avenge his father in battle with Seth, and win the throne.

The event included workshops, performances, themed food and drink, and activities inspired by the ancient Egyptian Khoiak festival. Our make-up graduates were painting the faces of the attendees with traditional Egyptian symbols to celebrate the event and they were very busy with adults and children both wanting some facial art!

Are you a graduate of The London School of Beauty & Make-up and want to join our events team? Please email hayley@beauty-school.co.uk to be involved in any future events.

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