Hayley Jones

Head of Hair, Make-up & Marketing

A little about Hayley...

After working for many years in Film, Theatre and Fashion, as a Hair, Wigs and Make-up Artist, Hayley ventured into the world of education and on-line marketing.

Hayley is responsible for the schools' website, marketing activity, events, salon promotions and recruitment. If you are looking to find a job, within either beauty or make-up once you graduate, Hayley is the person to speak to!

Hayley has recently taken over the hair and make-up department at the school, and with her industry contacts and experience, make studying at LSBM one of the best places to learn make-up in the UK.

What do you love most about working here at the school?

Every day is different so I love the variety, one day I can be at an event with students and the next I can be creating the latest offers for the school salon. I especially love when a student finds the job of their dreams through our industry contacts.

What is your favourite treatment to have in the salon?

My favourite treatment is to have a combined aromatherapy massage with reflexology. This really helps me to relax, destress and unwind. I love to find out what the students can pick up from reading my feet!

What was the most exciting job that you worked on as a make-up and hair artist?

I have so many highlights I can't choose just one, so I will tell you about a few:

  • My first highlight is where I managed to get work experience on the Harry Potter films while I was still studying make-up. It was amazing, and the constant calls to Warner Brothers studios finally paid off! 
  • My second is later on in my career where I got the opportunity to work in the wigs department for the Disney feature film 'Cinderella'. I worked night shifts until 2am, resetting and dressing the wigs ready for filming the next day. Film hours weren't for me so I was quite selective about what jobs I took on, and couldn't turn this job down!
  • The third highlight is being a part of the wigs and make-up team who opened 'The Bodyguard' musical on London's West End. The show had two of my favourite leading ladies that I have ever worked with - Beverly Knight and Alexandra Burke who were just an utter joy to work with each night. I loved the show so much as it was new, and we all played a key part in the make-up and design which would set a precedent for all future international shows.

How has working in the industry helped with working at the school?
I work quite closely with our make-up awarding body MASA, which helps me to understand make-up from an education point of view. I can also advise students accordingly about how to get their foot through the door within the industry as it is quite tough out there! I am quite lucky as I worked within Fashion, TV, Film and Theatre. I'm also trained in wigs, prosthetics, and Special FX.

What is your beauty motto?
Train like a beast, look like a beauty.