4 Reasons to Study at a Beauty School?

Are you considering to enrol and study at a beauty school in London? If so, you are already one step closer to making the best decision for your career!

In this blog, we will explain the reasons why you should attend a beauty school and enrol on that course you’ve been eyeing up. 

The beauty industry continues to grow every year, offering many opportunities to those interested. In order to get these opportunities, we recommend becoming fully qualified. For prospective students, choosing a beauty school is a life-changing decision that will prepare them for a fulfilling career after they have completed their course. 

What Will I Study at a Beauty School?

Every beauty school and college offer different approaches to completing courses or modules. Inquiring directly to the beauty school about what training and facilities they offer will help the prospective student make a better-informed decision. 


Students at a beauty school will learn about the skin, anatomy and physiology, facials and facial electrotherapy. A facial and skin care course can teach students the basic knowledge of skincare and other skin related treatments. Studying facial electrotherapy and facial massage & skincare courses are essential to prospective students who want to pursue a career as a facialist. These courses are also an approved stepping stone for those looking to become an aesthetician. Students will learn various skills on how to care for their clients’ skin properly whilst practising their theoretical knowledge.


Learners interested in pursuing a career in nails can choose to further their understanding through a nail technician qualification. In these courses, students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of nails. Which will help them to understand and diagnose nail health when treating future clients. On a nail course, students will also learn how to complete manicures, pedicures and nail extensions, all of which take training to perfect.


Hairstyling is not just as simple as washing and cutting hair! Students enrolled on a specialist hair course have the opportunity to learn hairstyling techniques, bleaching/colouring, chemical treatments and much more. Students can also learn about specific hairstyles such as bridal, fashion, media and television. Students learn from specialist hairstylist with many many years of experience and usually still working in the industry. 

Beauty Therapy

There is a growing demand for therapists trained across all aspects of beauty offerings. This, in turn, has lead to a surge in colleges offering beauty therapists courses. Learners enrolled in a beauty course can expect to learn about nails, brows, lashes, skin and massages. 

A Beauty Therapist course is great for many reasons as learners can see which route they most enjoy. As a qualified beauty therapist, students can offer all treatments increasing their revenue and market share. Finally, after completing a beauty therapist qualification, many students go on to opening their own salon! The options are endless due to the number of skills these courses teach.

Is it Easier to Get a Job After Studying at a Beauty School? 

In all honesty, the answer is YES, but it is all down to the beauty school you choose. The learner should ensure that their chosen school is committed to providing them with employment opportunities. These opportunities come in the form of practical experience, workshops, product training and recognised tutors.

Practical experience for a student wanting to pursue a career in beauty will set them apart from competitors within the industry. By completing their training within their courses on fellow students, learners ensure they get their mistakes out the way. The consequences of making a mistake on another student versus a paying client are very different. A mistake made on a client can lead to the detriment of a beauty therapist’s career. Whereas getting these mistakes out of the way under the supervision of a tutor and classmates ensures the student doesn’t form incorrect habits. 

Another benefit of studying at a beauty school for a learners’ career would be product training. If the student is attending a good college, the school should have a partnership with beauty brands. By completing product training with popular beauty brands used in salons, students will stand out. Employers will see them as already ahead as it reduces the amount of training they will need.

Finally, learning under experienced tutors will put a beauty student in the best position to succeed. Students can expect experienced and qualified beauty experts who will guide them in the right direction as their tutors. 

An experienced practising tutor ensures that the students are learning the most modern and up-to-date techniques. Learning up-to-date techniques makes the transition from studying to working more seamless for students.

How Long Will I Study at a Beauty School?

The length of your course depends on the course you choose to study, the beauty school and the Level. Beauty courses can range anywhere from 6 weeks to 43 weeks. 

If a course is more advanced and in-depth, the longer it is likely to take. The increase in length is due to more learning material needing to be covered. When a course offers practical training, it will take longer to complete as there will be a mandated set of hours for students to complete before they can get their certification. 

What Sets LSBM Apart From Other Beauty Schools?

The London School of Beauty & Make-Up, established in 1995, is one of the largest schools in private beauty education. The school is a firm believer in collaborative learning. The mission at LSBM is to equip students with a high-quality education that is relevant to the industry that they are trying to enter. The school has a prestigious international reputation for producing therapists. 

London School of Beauty and Makeup offer an educational experience that is theoretically and practically in-depth. By learning the theory helps students to understand how and why methods are used the way they are. The practical aspect of the course helps students to know how to execute treatments properly. It also helps take away the fear of making mistakes as the student will be practising under the supervision of tutors and lecturers who have the first-hand experience. When students are carrying out their practicals, they are always under direct supervision by their instructors who can give real-time feedback on what they are doing and how they can improve. 

LSBM also has a large network that includes leading brands, making being an alumnus very beneficial for practice and work experience. The teaching experience at LSBM is like no other, housing leading beauty experts. The school is located in the heart of London’s creative district, situated two minutes away from Barbican Underground Station. LSBM is easily accessible by Farringdon or Moorgate Underground Station, both only a five-minute walk to the school. 

Upon students graduating from the school, alumnus has the opportunity to join the LSBM Events Team. The team will provide work experience and paid jobs. For students interested in furthering their education at the school, LSBM also offers postgraduate courses. The postgraduate courses in business and up-skilling will provide skills that further benefit their career development.

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