Who doesn’t love a good facial? For an hour or more, you get pampered and feel relaxed. But did you know, there are more benefits to a regular facial than doing them infrequently? Regular facials ensure exfoliation, deep cleansing, and treating major skin concerns. We go to the dentist, GP and hairdressers frequently, so why shouldn’t we go to someone to take care of our faces regularly? Especially knowing that if we look good, we feel good.

In this blog, we will help you justify the costs of those frequent facials by advising you of the numerous benefits!

Seasonal Changes Affect our Skin

The same way our moods are affected by the weather, our skin is the same! Depending on the humidity, temperature and access to sunlight, our skin’s wants and needs will change. 

In the unkind winter, when the weather is cold and dry, our skin turns red, irritated and blistered. It doesn’t help to stay inside either, with central heating drying out our skin’s natural moisture. We recommend a hydrating facial to combat the dryness of the weather. 

Summer is a time when we’re all out and about, constantly exposed to sunlight and UV rays, which are damaging to the skin. Most popular facials such as chemical peels and skin needling, sun exposure is not recommended. We recommend a facial that removes dead skin cells, extracts dirt, blackheads, pimples and excess oil during summer.

In spring, consider a facial that will brighten your skin, and in autumn, a facial that prepares your skin for the colder months coming. 

Regular Facials Have Anti-Ageing Benefits

Who doesn’t want to age gracefully? Facials designed to combat the signs of ageing will encourage cell turnover and boost collagen production, both great for anti-ageing. 

Getting regular facials also tighten your skin, decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Choose facials that include botanical ingredients that increase collagen production or facial peels that treat fine lines. 

Regular Facials are Great for Treating Spots and Acne

Spots start to form when the skin’s pores become clogged. Facials deep cleanse your skin and extract the excess oils and dirt in your pores, stopping them from becoming clogged. 

For those with acne, your facialist can safely remove and treat active spots correctly, stopping bacteria from spreading. If you suffer from acne scarring, regular facials will help even out skin tone and reduce the visibility of scars.

Proper Blackhead & Whitehead Removal

Who doesn’t hate getting those pesky whiteheads and blackheads? They leave your skin rough and bumpy. They can also be annoying, especially if you have plans soon, so you may rush to remove them at home. DO NOT. You should never remove whiteheads and blackheads at home as that will further irritate your skin. 

When getting a professional facial, the therapist safely removes your blackhead and whiteheads using a special tool. The proper extraction will limit your skin’s exposure to bacteria and shrink your pores. 

Long-Term Access to a Skincare Professional 

With regular facial treatments, you are likely to have built a relationship with your beauty therapist. At that point, no one will know your skin better than them. They will be able to notice any changes your skin is going through and set you up with all the products you need at home to keep your skin glowing. 

You Deserve to Be Pampered and to Destress

We’ve saved our favourite benefit of regular facials to last, and that’s the relaxation facials offer. We’re all stressed out and probably a bit busier than we should be. The day-to-day stresses of life can be overwhelming. Taking just an hour out of our month to be pampered is beneficial for our skin and mental health. So take time to yourself every month to walk into the beauty salon of choice, soak up the calming music and the tactful aromatherapy before lying on the comfortable treatment bed.

. . .

Are you looking to get regular facials but worried about the cost? Why not take advantage of the great prices we offer here at the LSBM Salon. Our well practised students deliver high-quality beauty therapy treatments for affordable prices, all year round. 

Students enrolled at LSBM work in the salon alongside their studies, monitored by a professional beauty therapist, delivering all your favourite treatments.

At the LSBM salon, you can receive the following facial treatments:

If you are interested in booking an appointment*, give us a call on 0207 776 9767. The LSBM Salon is open 10 am – 5 pm. 

*Appointment availabilities depend on the availability of our student therapists.


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