Career Pathways in Beauty Therapy and Makeup Artistry – Student Success Story Gandhi Ishita


Well done to @gandhi_ishita who has moved on in her journey from being one of our makeup students to becoming an amazing and talented makeup artist for Bollywood Magazine!

Read about her journey below:

“A girl’s play zone mostly revolves around barbies and dressing up like a doll, so was mine when I was 16. I’ve loved everything to do with makeup for as long as I can remember. So when I was in high school, I would do full applications for my family and friends occasionally. So, I wanted to learn more to enhance my skills.

Then I started searching for good make-up schools on the internet and I found the best school, The London School of Beauty and Make-up. There I realised what make-up was all about. They taught me the perfect techniques of make-up that I never knew. After completing the MASA, 12 weeks course. I returned back to my country.

I approached some founders of #Bollywood magazines and they loved my work and gave me an opportunity to work for the celebrity for the cover shoot of a magazine. And that was when people started approaching me for celebrity shoots. Now, a lot of people started contacting me to learn make-up from me after seeing my work… it all happened because of LSBM I’m so thankful”

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