Career Pathways in Beauty Therapy and Makeup Artistry – Student Success Story – Rosie Langlay

When did you start studying with us?

I started studying at LSBM in September 2017.

What course were you studying here?

I studied CIBTAC & CIDESCO Diplomas in Beauty & Spa Therapy. Shortly after I took the Oncology Touch Therapy Course by the Made For Life Foundation. I enjoyed my time studying at LSBM hugely.

Why did you choose LSBM?

I chose LSBM as I wanted to complete my CIDESCO diploma in both Beauty and Spa Therapy, which is an option, not all schools provide as they may not provide the Spa Diploma in addition to Beauty. I went to look around the school and loved the way it made me feel. All the staff were engaging and friendly, and I knew the class sizes were small to ensure learning could be to the highest standard. Having an on-site salon and spa was also a huge bonus for me, as I knew as a student it would give me experience in providing treatments and client care before working full-time.

Why did you choose this industry?

I chose the beauty/spa industry as I am a caring person who has always wanted to work with people. I believe that touch can be incredibly healing for someone, and to improve the way someone feels, no matter how short the treatment is can be incredibly rewarding. The industry is constantly developing new products/treatments, so you are always learning and developing your skills.

What was the best part of the course?

My favourite part of the course was during our CIDESCO Spa diploma when we learnt a new Eastern spa therapy. I chose Lava Shell massage. For our exam we had to decorate our area of the room and bed, however, we pleased, inspired by Eastern spas. It was fun to create a peaceful and beautiful setting to match our treatments.

What treatments do you like to provide and why?

I always enjoy providing facial treatments, as I love the way it makes the skin look and feels after, and how relaxed a client can become. I love learning about new products. I also love performing any holistic treatment such as hot stone massage or reflexology.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the industry?

Do plenty of research about the different courses and schools out there and which option works best for you. Look at what you will learn in the course and if you think you’ll enjoy it. Can you see yourself in that position? If possible, you could try getting some work experience to watch how the business operates, how the therapists and staff communicate with clients and how the treatments are performed. This will give you good insight. Also, be prepared about the theory- you will learn anatomy and physiology which is incredibly interesting, but does require you to put extra time into studying outside of school.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt?

The most valuable thing I learnt is how important connecting with a client can be. Put yourself in their shoes and be completely involved. Really understand what they’re expecting from the service and perform every treatment to your very best. Treat people how you would like to be treated. You also need to look after yourself, as you are giving to others all day.

What is your future career goal?

My future career goal is to become a senior/elite therapist and eventually a head therapist.

Where are you currently working?

I am currently working at Espa Life at Corinthia.

Thank you, Rosie, it sounds like you are on to a successful beauty career path!

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