The Difference between Laser and IPL Hair Removal?

With permanent hair removal becoming more popular, there are many options for professional or at-home permanent hair removal. You may be sitting there wondering which route is better for you, your hair, and your skin. Do you need to go to a professional, or can you do it at home?

No matter the permanent hair removal option, we want to ensure you are fully informed about the differences and benefits of both laser and IPL.

What is the Difference between Laser and IPL Hair Removal?

Before we can tell you the differences between Laser and IPL as permanent hair removal choices, we should explain what they are, right? Laser and IPL use powerful light energy to slow and reduce hair growth on the body. They both work by using light to target the melanin pigment in the hair, travelling down to damage the hair follicle. However, while they both use light, their light source is what makes them different. 

Laser hair removal uses a consistent targeted monochrome light source. IPL, which stands for Intense Pulse Light, uses a quick flash of broad multi-spectrum light. It’s important to remember that IPL is not a type of laser. Instead, think of it as a light bulb that releases light, one short burst at a time.

Laser is more powerful for many reasons; because it’s monochromatic light, the colours performing are effective in hair reduction. IPL is a multi-spectrum light, so not all the colours that flash will be effective. Secondly, laser machines use a specifically targeted type of wavelength; because it’s targeted, you get a concentrated amount of light in your desired area. IPL machines work with a broader spectrum of wavelengths, covering a larger area in a single flash, decreasing the power significantly. 

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • The laser machines can achieve quicker results, leading to fewer sessions
  • The treatment will be carried out by a trained professional, reducing the risks of skin burns
  • There are more areas that you can remove hair from safely with laser hair removal
  • Laser machines have advanced quicker than IPL machines which means they can treat more skin colours
  • Laser machines have more settings that can be varied to suit a combination of hair and skin colours, making them suitable for more people 

The Benefits of IPL

  • IPL is cheaper
  • The coverage on an IPL machine is broader than on a laser machine, so each session is quicker
  • If you’re using IPL at home, it’s very convenient and easy to use at a time that suits you

The Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal

We covered the benefits of both methods of permanent hair removal, but why even consider permanent hair removal in the first place?

  • After a few sessions, you will have to shave or wax less often
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • You will save more money over time than choosing to shave, wax, or hair removal cream
  • You can shave in between sessions, unlike waxing and epilating
  • The hair that grows back will eventually become thinner and lighter in time

So to summarise, Laser vs IPL?

Laser and IPL both use light to target the pigment in the hair shaft, interrupting their hair growth and damaging the hair follicle long term.

If you have the extra money lying around or can find a deal on multiple sessions, you should go for professional laser hair removal. However, you can achieve the same effects or similar with IPL as long as you maintain your sessions. It is always good to have a professional look at your hair and skin; they can advise you on the method that would be most suitable for you.

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