Spring Cleaning Your Beauty Products

As Spring approaches, we can look forward to brighter days, fewer layers, and the fresh Spring air. For most people, Spring is the perfect time to declutter their homes and lives however, many of us will often forget to spring clean our beauty and makeup products.

Well, the staff at LSBM is here today to give you some Spring cleaning tips for your beauty and makeup products.

Beauty Spring Cleaning Tip 1: Throwing away Expired Products

We’ll remember to throw away expired foods and drinks but often forget that foundation we have had for over 2 years. 


It’s time for us to part with those old tubes and replace them with brand new products. With most of us working from home over the last few months, there has been less of a need to wear makeup. It is easy to forget about that mascara we opened before lockdown, which is now probably a breeding ground for bacteria.

Beauty Products Expiry Symbols
Look out for this symbol to work out your beauty products expiry dates.

Wondering how to work out the expiry dates for your makeup and beauty products? On the back of your product, you should see an opened jar symbol with a number. The number identifies how many months after opening the product, the manufacturer advises using it. After this point, there is a high risk of bacteria growing and, you don’t want that on your face! Now you know how to find expired products, time to figure out what belongs in the bin or back in your bag.

Beauty Spring Cleaning Tip 2: Wash your Makeup Brushes

So speaking of bacteria building up, makeup brushes can be another hotspot! Think of all the dirt, oil, and products that have built up on the hairs of your brushes. Experts say that you’re supposed to wash your brushes once a week! While we understand that not everyone has the time to do that or even use them frequently enough to warrant that.

Our expert makeup tutors recommend that you take the time to wash your brushes as frequently as you can! We know that many companies would tell you to rush out and buy expensive brush cleaners. You don’t need to!

Course Headings And Quotes

1) Wet your brush bristles with lukewarm water.
2) Use gentle soap and pour it into your palm.
3) Massage the bristles gently into your palm and soap.
4) Rinse out the brush bristles and squeeze out the extra water.
5) Dry out the bristles without a towel and hanging over an edge so that they dry in their correct shape.

And there you have clean makeup brushes to slay that Spring makeup!

Beauty Spring Cleaning Tip 3: Reorganise your Beauty Products

So at this point, you’ve cleared out all the expired products and cleaned your brushes. You now have a good idea of your inventory which makes reorganising a lot easier. Disinfect your makeup bag/makeup drawers before putting your products back in. Before doing that, use this time to put away your winter products! The heavy-duty creams and intensive hydrating formulas can be stored away, instead of taking up space in your makeup bag. Grab the lighter formulas, bright palettes, and fresh lip colours.

So now, you are all set for Spring! Are you interested in more makeup tips why not find out more about our MASA Courses? Or if transitioning your skincare into the different seasons is more your speed, our facial courses are one of the best in the UK!

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