How To Get Into Makeup Artistry

Last week, we announced that we would be launching an online makeup course! You can now learn makeup artistry from your home! Students from all over the globe can take advantage of the prestigious learning environment at LSBM.

Our MASA Courses are renowned worldwide for their thorough scope of teaching makeup artistry. None of that would be possible without our experienced and talented makeup department.

In today’s blog, we want to introduce you to our senior makeup lecturer, Jolanta Sewell. We will be talking with her about her passion for makeup and how she started her career.

Have you always been interested in makeup? 

I studied art and especially, enjoyed sculpture, painting and architecture. I was looking to find a medium that will combine all of these elements. Translating my creativity into another form of art was my goal and, then I had a eureka moment. I was watching a documentary about Makeup Artists on the film set and Makeup designer on fashion shows. I decided to enrol on to Professional Make-up Designer Course for Film, TV, Fashion and Theatre.

I dedicated 12 months to study full-time and completed my course with a distinction in 2001.

The course allowed me to open the door to many avenues of the makeup industry. Eventually, I grew a new passion for education and training students to become makeup artists. I put my knowledge gained during the 20 years as Professional Make- up Designer and Educator.

What kind of gigs have you done as a Makeup Artist?

In the beginning, I worked at a film school and worked on as many short films as I could. Doing so allowed me to make a name for myself in the industry.  

After one year of working on short films, I was referred to work and design makeup for feature films! I completed various looks, which included casualty special effects makeup for actors. I was able to work alongside a team to create weeks of makeup whilst shooting, which was a great experience. 

I also worked on makeup for music videos, which helped me network and, I thoroughly enjoyed it! 

After working for a while, I had the opportunity to move to Japan for one year. This amazing opportunity opened up the fashion photography side of makeup artistry to me. Whilst in Japan, I contacted photographic studios to work with American and Japanese photographers. Shooting mainly lookbook cards for various modelling agencies and editorial pictures.

When I returned to London, I was interested in working on fashion shows. My first opportunity came, it was to take LSBM Pro team to London Fashion Week in 2015. London Fashion Week was a fantastic experience and, my first year as Senior makeup Educator at LSBM. 

What is your favourite makeup style and, why?

I enjoy doing beauty photoshoots and Avant-Garde makeup which are very creative. Both styles offer different elements of the brief. These elements can relate to historical makeup, fashion story and photography styles. I love to research, create and execute makeup that offers a strong reference of past or modern concise look. 

In today’s society, when people can learn makeup on YouTube. Do you think going to school to learn makeup is important? 

You can be inspired by youtube creators and their content but the learning process is different. You need to have hands-on experience which working in a group enhances greatly. A school also helps to learn the process of creating instead of copying. Learning about yourself and gaining people skills is another form of makeup artistry that goes along with your practical skills. Possessing natural talent in makeup artistry is rare. Enhanced and developed creativity with guidance combined with the passion you already have will set you apart in the industry. You might surprise yourself by what you can achieve with additional knowledge and determination.

Why did you become a makeup artistry tutor?

It was a natural progression through the makeup artistry path that I had chosen many years ago. I was inspired to join makeup artistry as a career by many great teachers. I always knew that I would end up teaching.

What is your favourite part about teaching?

The moment I see my students progressing! Sometimes they aren’t even aware that they improved. Their faces light up, like a mini revelation as they now believe in their capability. I can see them translating their skills into a well-established career!

What makeup product could you not live without?

Mascara! It adds a great definition to any look. 

Why Should You Learn Makeup Artistry?

reasons to learn makeup artistry
A quote taken from Jolanta, as to why learning makeup artistry can help boost your employability.

Jolanta is our senior makeup and hair lecture due to her many years of experience within the industry of makeup. Makeup students at LSBM, are in good hands when they choose us to learn makeup artistry.

At The London School of Beauty & Make-Up, we have been supporting students to learn makeup artistry for over 25 years. We currently offer 3 makeup courses that range from 2 weeks to 10 weeks. Depending on the level you would like to be qualified up to. All of our courses are MASA qualified, which offers students an international qualification.

MASA AWARD – In Principles of Makeup Design

A two-week foundation course in the basic beauty principles of make-up artistry is ideal for beginners with no previous experience. The course is ideal for those who would like to get a general understanding of makeup artistry to help them decide on their next steps.

MASA CERTIFICATE – In Professional Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling

Our 4-week course in which learners will become competent in the foundation skills of makeup artistry and hairstyling. The course will explore hairstyling for 5 days, suitable for those that want to offer a range of skills to their clients.

Students on the MASA Certificate will have access to one Professional Photoshoot with a PRO model and photographer.

MASA DIPLOMA – The Complete Makeup Artistry Course with Advanced Portfolio Development

The ultimate beginners to advanced qualified makeup course will cover all aspects of makeup artistry across various industries. Ideal for anyone wanting to learn makeup artistry comprehensively. Those that complete the course, have access to 2 photoshoots with a professional fashion photographer and agency model.

If you are ready to learn makeup artistry, give us a ring on 02030267453.

Alternatively you can email us at contact@beauty-school.co.uk.

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