5 simple, sustainable alternatives to make your beauty routine more eco-friendly: 

Switching products:
In beauty, sustainability means having recyclable packaging, reducing the need for single-use plastics, carefully selecting non-toxic ingredients, and decreasing the carbon footprint from manufacturing to delivery. It’s all about making sure everything from sourcing and selling is making the tiniest impact on the environment.  Around 80 billion plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are thrown away globally each year contributing to the rise in environmental damage, this is why we need to encourage an eco-friendly beauty routine.

Increasingly, brands are turning to solid bars to reduce waste. Firstly, they reduce the use of packaging. Secondly, they reduce water consumption, making use of the water you’re already showering in to lather up. Some brands use natural and organic ingredients in the formulas they produce, to create environmentally friendly packaging. 

LSBM recommendation – look for products containing marine extracts and algae that work wonders for your skin. These ingredients turn carbon dioxide into oxygen as they grow. Making sustainable choices by looking at labels before we purchase a product. For example, The Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance logos indicate the ingredients are sustainably sourced. Making sustainable choices by searching for products that are 100% home recyclable or home compostable will help decrease pollution. Further, products produced from existing materials are a perfect example of a planet-friendly purchase.

Use a hot cloth instead of face wipes:
We all know face wipes are convenient, however, not an eco-friendly choice and harm the environment. Face wipes contribute to the ongoing littering of our coastline as people continue to flush them down the toilet polluting our oceans. Furthermore, makeup wipes only break down the makeup and don’t properly clean it,  the most effective, eco-friendly way to remove makeup is by using a hot washcloth. LSBM recommendation – Face Halo (£15.39 for 3). Using only water, Face Halo traps and removes makeup for a deep clean, and gentle exfoliation and doesn’t tug on your skin. They offer a deeper cleanse than wipes do cleaning into the pores. Likewise, Garnier’s Micellar Reusable Eco Pads (£4.49 for 3)  can be purchased with micellar water and is reusable up to 1,000 times.

Consider refillable options:
Choosing to reuse bottles will help prevent plastic pollution at the source. You can reduce plastic waste as many of us don’t reuse our empty bottles of body lotions or makeup products. Replacing plastic with alternatives goes a long way in reducing the amount of plastic pollution that ends up in oceans. Because plastic cannot break down, it will simply sit there for years to come. Refillable options are beneficial to the environment as they help reduce pollution, waste, and energy consumption. Opting for multi-purpose products will reduce the number of products we use, therefore, reducing the amount of packaging we waste. LSBM recommendation – OUI has created shampoo refills. This convenient idea for refill pouches is good since we tend to run out of our shampoo before our conditioner.

Use products in recycled, recyclable, and reusable packaging:
Unlike other packaging varieties, eco-friendly packaging is recyclable and sometimes even repurposed or composted if it is highly biodegradable. Products must be biodegradable to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and supply the earth with life-promoting nutrients. Whilst lots of brands currently are not using recycled plastics for their packaging, you can opt to seek out the brands that do, and play your part in reducing your carbon footprint.

LSBM recommendation – Brands like REN are already placing existing plastic to good use. Some brands are creating drop-off points for your beauty empties, with some exceptions such as aerosol cans, perfume bottles, and nail polish bottles.

LSBM Recommendation- Get a recycle bin for your bathroom.
The importance of recycling reduces the need to grow, harvest, or extract new raw materials from the earth. Moreover, saving the energy that would have been used in producing waste products again. Incorporating a recycling bin in your bathroom can help you increase your recycling. Many bathroom products are recyclable such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, shower gel, and bubble bath bottles. The packaging made from cardboard boxes used for toothpaste, soapboxes, toilet roll tubes, deodorants, and shaving foam bottles is all recyclable. 


24 Examples of Eco-Friendly Beauty Packaging

Why should you become A CIDESCO Graduate?

There are numerous benefits of becoming a CIDESCO graduate as the course is recognised to be the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of Beauty therapy, spa and wellness. Moreover, it’s the passport to jobs in the Beauty, Spa and Wellness sector globally, as well as opening many doors of success internationally! CIDESCO standards are significantly recognised as well as beneficial to opportunities in international waters. International doctors and spas are likely to hire candidates who studied a CIDESCO diploma, as they understand they have the most in-depth training and are aware of the benefits and high standards that CIDESCO brings. The CIDESCO programme is intensive both practically and theoretically, equipping students to learn various services within aesthetics and body treatments. The programme is well-rounded, covering all avenues of beauty therapy; from skin consultations and facial treatments to different body massages, and even an introduction to reflexology and aromatherapy.

Career opportunities for CIDESCO graduates

The career opportunities for CIDESCO graduates are endless and the beauty industry offers opportunities that are limitless such as:

All of our CIDESCO lecturers have over a decade worth of industry experience and have been in the field of teaching for years. They are always up to date with all the industry techniques and the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. We encourage all of our teaching staff to undertake continuing professional development courses in the areas that interest them most, which are then passed on to the students. Our CIDESCO tutors live and breathe the CIDESCO standards, and are passionate about their students and instilling them with knowledge before they go into the world of work.

All of our CIDESCO lecturers have over a decade worth of industry experience and have been in the field of teaching for years. They are always up to date with all the industry techniques and the latest technology to stay ahead of the game. We encourage all of our teaching staff to undertake continuing professional development courses in the areas that interest them most, which are then passed on to the students. Our CIDESCO tutors live and breathe the CIDESCO standards, and are passionate about their students and instilling them with knowledge before they go into the world of work.

Why study CIDESCO at LSBM?

The London School of Beauty & Make-up has a high employment rate for students as we have an excellent reputation within the industry, and established as the go-to place for beauty education for over 25 years. Employers understand recruiting from us, they will employ a graduate with exceptionally high standards of good practice along with professionalism. These are qualities needed in order to excel and succeed in this competitive industry, globally. As a part of the 43 week course students all spend time gaining experience in our onsite commercial salon, where they will work on paying clients in a real-life salon environment. This really helps to boost students’ confidence, and gives them real-life experience before they’ve graduated. During our time on our CIDESCO programme, we arrange recruitment talks from leading companies, from luxury yacht companies and hotel spas, to reputable brands and clinics so students can start to build their network and understand what the different recruitment processes are like. Tutors will also take students to local beauty related exhibitions to broaden their knowledge of different brands.

CIDESCO Graduate review from LSBM:

“The best Academy in London, The best Tutor, Trisha, the best spa manager Charlotte, what a professional team, what a healthier atmosphere, I am a student of Cidesco, today when visiting Spa where I worked 1 year ago in Iceland, from my first entrance doubling the towels on the couch to the end the professional, that was what was said by the manager of Hilton Reykjavik Nordica Spa, and all that is thank God and Trisha the best, teacher full of knowledge of love always ready to answer all the questions of this Industry. God bless you”.- Mileidys

Click here to explore more about our CIDESCO International Beauty Therapy Diploma Programme. This is a full-time course for 43 weeks and students require an interview before they enroll, or to find out more please click here.  

Want to book a visit to the school? It is a great way to see the school, salon & spa, meet our lecturers, and chat with our students. To reserve your space please call 020 3026 7453, or to find out more please click here

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Facial Elec 01 600x400 4

We hope this post finds you all in good health and looking forward to the holidays!

Thank you to every single student, our amazing tutors, salon clients, and models that have all helped along the way. 2021… that’s a wrap! The LSBM Team would like to congratulate you on making it to the end of a difficult and trying year!

We had over 250 students on beauty & makeup courses with us this year! We’d like to thank everyone, especially the staff and students that made it possible to get through the year.

Our offices will close from the 22nd of December but we are looking forward to reopening our doors on the 4th of January 2022 with a bright start to the new year! Visit our website for further details about our courses https://beauty-school.co.uk/beauty-courses-london/

May your holiday season be all wrapped up with cheer and filled with celebration for the new year.

Warm wishes,

LSBM Team x


Level 4 Laser

24th January (6 weeks)

14th March (1 week)

21st March (6 weeks)

16th May (1 week)

23rd May (6 weeks)

Level 2 Beauty

9th April (25 weeks)

11th June (25 weeks)

16th July (25 weeks)

Our holiday beauty gift guide is perfect for the festive days approaching and it is everyone’s favourite time of year again, its the best season for giving back to your loved ones. Make your holiday beauty gifts thoughtful and more different this year by splashing on some beauty bits. It’s apparent that the beauty sector has a variety of choices, especially during the holidays as you can buy products that come in packages and sets. This beauty gift guide will cover everything you need to know from perfume, makeup/beauty gift sets, hair, and skincare. Let’s not forget how pretty beauty products come packaged for the holiday season making it the perfect holiday beauty gift!

Perfumes/perfume sets: 

Every girl needs that unique scent that portrays her style and personality, to make her feel special. Fragrance gifting is special, emotional and one of the most personal gifts to spoil someone with. A scent is personal to your recipient, showing that you put a lot of thought and effort into their gift. Are you shopping for a friend who loves luxury? Well, perfume is lavish and expensive, as the scent gives a very evocative sense which makes a person memorable as they are in contact or walk past. In addition, perfume is something someone can wear every day, making the gift emotional. Perfumes are a great way to illustrate to your recipient how they feel about you and show the level of extra effort.

Here are our recommendations:

Makeup/Beauty Gift Sets:

Moreover, beauty gifts are easy to find as there are so many different brands to choose from that offer high-quality products. We would recommend starting your beauty shopping online, as there are always offers and never-ending deals at this time of year! By signing up to a company’s email list, it enables discounts to be directly sent to your inbox as in the holiday season, people are looking for ways to save. Gifting something they may not have used before, your gift may become a new fav to their collection. There are many scented candles this season that set the mood, coziness and bring aesthetic to any home.

Here are our recommendations:

Hair tools/ gift sets:

Nothing beats that feeling of a good hair day, making any girl feel confident and putting her in a good mood. Secondly, it can also be difficult getting to the salon, so why not gift curlers, crimpers, wavers, or hair straighteners as anyone would love doing their hair. Many hair tools in the market are proven to be long-term, high-quality investments, every girl loves to try out new hair products so you won’t go wrong. Women who love the look of just stepping out of the salon with blow-dried, voluminous hair would enjoy everything from the famous Dyson Airwrap, to the viral Revlon One-Step Volumizer-so you have endless options to choose from in the hair market.

Here are our recommendations:

Skincare gift sets:

Furthermore, skincare is so important now as we have entered the colder months, making it more of a reason to slather on the moisturizer and take care of our skin. Indulging in a range of skin care products is simply the perfect way to treat someone this Christmas for that expensive face cream or fancy body butter that they wouldn’t usually think of purchasing themselves. Additionally, beauty lovers who love indulging in pampering and self-care, will no doubt love receiving some new skincare bits this Christmas. Examples include eye creams, moisturisers, face masks, sheet masks, lip care, night-time skincare, or why not a lovely skincare set?

Here are our recommendations:

Hopefully, you found this blog post helpful and more sure of the bits to purchase for your beauty lover! 

Thinking about becoming a professional makeup artist?

We don’t blame you! The makeup industry is booming and it’s no secret! It’s no surprise that you want to get involved in all the beauty action.

The beauty industry has grown by 17% in the last 5 years with an estimated worth of $532 billion and is predicted to continue growing. This growth is based on the popularity of social media, allowing makeup artists the ability to wow viewers with their creative looks and reach new clientele.

“So, how do I get started?” We hear you ask. Well, that’s what we at The London School of Beauty & Make-up are here for!

A prestigious makeup school based in the heart of London, we offer students the chance to extend their makeup knowledge with tutors that have over 15 years experience within the beauty and makeup industry.

We’re going to talk you through the best route to achieving your dreams of becoming a qualified makeup artist, the skills and courses we offer to help you get there (and it takes more than a few YouTube tutorials!) Join us as we look at how to go from highlight fanatic to qualified makeup artist. Let’s dive in! 

What Is a Makeup Artist?

Student Makeup Artist LSBM
A student at The London School Of Beauty & Make-Up working on a model.

Makeup is a powerful tool and a prominent part of the daily routine for many – be it in front of a compact mirror on the train to work or in a professional environment. Using artistic skill combined with these cosmetics to enhance natural features, hide flaws and create new looks, a makeup artist is responsible for carving faces, sculpting features and crafting visually aesthetic masterpieces on nature’s most exciting canvas – the human face.

Most makeup artists work as freelancers, so the beauty world can be your oyster! Your salary and income will vary depending on the kind of work you’re looking to do. Whether it’s bridal makeup, special effects makeup, makeup for TV, films, fashion, editorial or theatre – the choice is wide and it is yours. Make no mistake, hard work, irregular hours and long days await you on this journey but believe us, it’s worth it!

What Skills and Qualities Do I Need To Become A Makeup Artist?

Here at The London School of Beauty and Makeup, we believe anything can be taught, but there are a few skills that are highly beneficial to you in your career as a professional makeup artist. 

What Qualifications Do I Need To Become a Professional MUA?

So why should an accredited makeup course be your next step? The benefits of studying a course in makeup artistry are immense!

Our courses provide you with all the skills you need to develop your career as a makeup artist. The accreditation will also help increase the trust you receive from potential clients and employers. Not only that but our expert MASA courses provide the best possible standards in makeup artistry education.

Students receive the highest quality tutoring from industry experts, professionals and leading makeup artists. At The London School of Beauty and Make-up, we offer a range of courses that will help you on your route to becoming a fully fledged, professional makeup artist. 

Jolanta Sewell
Jolanta Sewell – The importance of gaining a MASA Qualification.

Study Our New MASA DIPLOMA – The Complete Makeup Artistry Course with Advanced Portfolio Development

A comprehensive course that will have you ready to join the beauty industry regardless of your previous knowledge about makeup. The staff at The London School of Beauty & Make-up will assist you every step of the way to achieving your dream career as a professional makeup artist.

Different makeup looks will be taught throughout, preparing you for any task you may face as a MUA:

The kind of detailed looks created by MASA Diploma students
An example of the detailed looks created by MASA Diploma students

Our course is unique as we offer students the opportunity to attend 2 photoshoots with a professional fashion photographer with the use of an agency model to gain portfolio images.

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained three MASA accredited qualifications alongside an LSBM award.

The next start date for the MASA Diploma at The London School of Beauty & Make-Up is the 4th January 2021! Why not start 2021 with a new skill and extra income!

If you are ready to get started on your dream career as a professional makeup artist, give us a ring on 020 3026 7453.

Alternatively, you can email us at admission@beauty-school.co.uk and a member of the LSBM enrolment team would be more than happy to help you secure your space and get you booked onto your chosen course!

With salons closing soon, you should consider treating yourself to a well deserved and affordable pick me up in the form of a facial. From the comfort of your home, in 5 easy steps!

Here at The London School of Beauty & Make-Up, we have worked alongside our knowledgeable beauty tutors to compile a step-by-step list for your at home, spa quality, facial!

First things first, set the mood! This can be something as simple as turning a candle on, pouring yourself a drink of your choice and playing some relaxing music in the background. Whatever takes you to your most serene state.

Now that you’re comfortable, let’s get started.

Course Headings And Quotes 5


Whether you have makeup on your face or not, you want to start your facial with a clean palette. This will ensure that you’re not locking in the dirt and products can sink in better.

A double cleanse is highly recommended: Start off with an oil based cleanser that will lift all the makeup and sebum on your face enabling you to wipe them away with a warm face cloth. Then proceed to use your usual cream or gel face wash. Cream based cleansers are more suitable for those with sensitive skin. Gel based cleansers are suitable for those with oily and acne-prone skin.

It is important to know your skin type to ensure that you are using the right products for you.


To steam your face at home there is no need to rush out and buy any fancy equipment. A good old bowl, some boiling water and a towel over your head will do the trick. You can even add some essential oils such as tea tree to the water for a calming and therapeutic experience. Tea tree is also known for its antibacterial properties!

Steaming is beneficial for your skin as it opens up your pores. Clogged pores are one of the biggest causes of breakouts so it’s important to deep clean them and remove all the dirt that could be trapped in there.

Course Headings And Quotes 6


Now that your pores are opened up, you can begin exfoliating. Exfoliation helps scrub away at the top layer of skin, removing dead skin cells and enabling products to be properly absorbed into your skin.

There are three types of exfoliation and it’s all down to your preference which one you may choose to use:

Be careful when exfoliating as you don’t want to overdo it! It is important to remember that your skin is delicate and you don’t need to scrub too hard! If your exfoliator of choice is a scrub, go easy on the pressure as not to damage your skin! 


This is our favourite part of the facial! The mask you would use would depend on the issues you are hoping to tackle.

If you are looking to control oils then why not opt for a clay mask which effectively draws out the excess oil and impurities. Sheet masks, on the other hand, are great if you want to hydrate your skin, leaving a lasting glow.

You can even make a mask out of common ingredients you have in your kitchen so you don’t have to break the bank! We do however recommend researching the ingredients beforehand and their benefits.

A nice, simple mask can be made from just oats and hot water (like porridge for your face!) and is great for calming the skin, reducing inflammation and redness.


Once you’ve finished using and removing your mask of choice. You can move on to the final step which is ensuring that your skin is hydrated. Take your time massaging in your serums and creams of choice, keeping motions upwards so as to not drag the skin. Moisturisers are the key to locking in all the beneficial ingredients you’ve just added to your skin, so don’t forget this step. 

Now that you’re done with your at-home facial, you can put your feet up and relax with glowing skin!

Would You Like To Become A Facialist?

If skincare is something that interests you, why not pursue a career as a facialist?

At The London School Of Beauty & Make-Up, our VTCT Level 2 Facial Massage & Skincare will teach you everything you need to know from: client consultation, skin analysis, cleansing, steaming, toning, mask application, extraction and moisturising

If this sounds like the course for you, give us a ring on 020 3026 7453 and start your journey to becoming a facialist!

Alternatively, you can email us at admission@beauty-school.co.uk  and a member of the LSBM enrolment team would be more than happy to help you secure your space and get you booked onto your chosen course!

Do you currently hold a Level 2 qualification? Are you wanting to advance as a fully qualified beauty therapist and acquire the needed skills in beauty treatments for hotels, spas, health clubs, high street beauty salons, and aesthetic clinics?

We are very excited to announce that our VTCT Level 3 Beauty Therapy Fast Track Course is now available to attend 1 day per week.

We have had great success with our Level 3 full-time courses. Due to high demand and a lot of enquiries, we are now offering this excellent course at a cheaper price on Saturdays.

Attendance Of Course:

This course is 1 day per week (Saturdays) 10-5pm for 24 weeks.

Key Areas Covered In This Course:


There are written assignments, practical assessments, and test papers to complete as part of this Diploma. You will be assisted in your learning by our outstanding team of industry lecturers.

Where Can This Course Take Me?:

This course will help you to gain employment in Beauty Retails, Spas, salons, and clinics in the UK and either give you the opportunity to change your career completely or work for yourself in your free time; fully flexible and deciding your own working hours.
There is also the opportunity to work in our commercial salon, the LSBM Beauty Salon. The opening hours for the salon are Monday-Friday 10-6pm,  so if you wish to gain this experience, for this fast track course we can arrange this with the Salon Manager.

Fully Recognised and Insurable Course:

Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) is a UK leading awarding body offering vocational and technical qualifications in a range of service sectors. With more than 800 approved centres, VTCT has an ever-expanding list of centres throughout the UK and Ireland, with increasing international presence.

VTCT qualifications are regulated by OFQUAL and approved by the UK Government.

Insurance for these qualifications can be obtained from many companies, all of whom recognise VTCT as the UK leading awarding body producing excellent beauty therapy qualifications and standards in their respective fields of study.

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