Beauty Student Interview – Grace Wren

This week we interviewed Grace Wren who is studying part time with us whilst working two days a week in our commercial salon. Grace has studied her Level 2 Beauty Therapy Diploma with us and is currently studying her Level 3 course, and has now booked on to do our Level 4 Laser & IPL Treatments Diploma here at LSBM.

When did you start studying with us?

May 2018.

What are you studying with us?

I did the Level 2 Beauty Therapy Diploma full time, and now I’m doing Level 3 Beauty Therapy Diploma with Spa Treatments part time and I work here in the salon two days a week as well. I’ll also be studying Level 4 Laser and IPL Treatments here too.

Why did you choose LSBM?

I came to look round here with my mum and I really liked the feel I got from it. The fact the school has a commercial salon is really good and it gives you such good experience. For most jobs you need experience, but it’s so hard to actually get the experience when you’re starting out, but with LSBM courses you get that salon time so that’s a huge plus for me.

Why beauty therapy?

I wasn’t sure at first whether to do beauty therapy or make-up because I had an interest in both, but after looking around and hearing about all the treatments I thought beauty therapy was what I wanted to do. I also had in my mind I’d love to open my own salon so I thought I should learn all the treatments. I have a real interest in it, I love doing my eyelashes and having a spray tan and all sorts so I thought why not just learn it!

What is the best part of the course?

The salon experience – 100%. Doing the treatments in class is great and you learn everything you need but when you get to work on real paying customers that’s what the real world is all about.

What treatments do you like to provide and why?

Facials for sure! It’s really relaxing for the client and it’s just one of those feel good treatments. You can also see the results straight away, you come out and your skin is glowing. With some treatments you have to do a course to start to see results but with facials it’s straight away.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get in the industry?

If you love something and you’ve got an interest in it, you should just do it. You don’t know if you’re going to enjoy it until you try. When I quit my full time job to come here, that was a massive step and I didn’t know if I was going to like it but if you have to just go for it and try it. And now I love coming here – I really enjoy it!

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learnt?

Even if sometimes things go wrong and don’t go the way you want them to go, you can always try again. If you need extra help there is always someone there to help you and you should never be afraid of things. I used to be terrified of waxing, but now I’m doing it more and more I don’t mind it as much! You just need to keep at it.

What is your future career goal?

I think I’d like to work in a spa and then my end goal would be to own my own salon! 

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