Is It Worth Doing A Makeup Course?

More often than not at The School of Beauty & Make-Up, prospective students will ask us, is a makeup course worth it?

With many free sources out there to learn makeup such as YouTube and Instagram, it is no wonder you might question the need for these courses. Whilst these platforms offer valuable tips and tricks, the formal training that many clients want is missing. Whether it’s practising on different skin types or having access to various products and brands, makeup schools offer many irreplaceable benefits.

In this blog post, we hope to highlight the benefits of a makeup school/course.

Read on to find out more about how a makeup course, could benefit you regardless of your experience.

A Makeup Course Offers a Solid Foundation

As with any course you need to learn the basics and a makeup course is no different. Mastering the basics is essential before you can move on to extreme eyeshadow looks and special effects. 

These basics are known as the Principles of Makeup, covering necessary knowledge, such as:

  • Makeup Artistry Hygiene – understanding the importance of hygiene and professional standards.
  • The Kit & Tools – the tools and products that are needed to start a professional makeup kit.
  • Health, Hygiene & Safety – understanding how to safely use and store hazardous chemicals.
  • Skin Science & Consultation – different skin types, conditions, and how to prep the skin before makeup application.
  • Colour Theory – gain a full understanding of the colour wheel, colour combinations and colour correction.
  • Priming, Colour Correction & Camouflage – learning the techniques used to create a flawless base application.

Access to Products and Models

Once you’ve learnt the basics, it is essential to practice on different skin types. Clients can have oily, dry, acne-prone or even combination skin and, not all products will work on their skin type.

When learning how to do makeup with YouTube, you may only have your face or friends for practice. These skin types and even skin colours, may not be an accurate representation of the work you will have to carry out on future clients. Therefore, having access to different models and colleagues will enhance your skills.

Completing a makeup course at a reputable school will also offer you access to well-known brands. Inevitably limiting the amount of money that you spend building your kit as you know the products that work.

Makeup Course Face Chart

The Portfolio 

On an advanced makeup course, you are likely to try your hand at different makeup styles. These various looks help students to build an extensive portfolio.

Portfolios are a big part of makeup artistry and securing clients, comparable to how references work. Your portfolio is often a way to judge your quality of work. Potential clients can see previous work that you have completed and decide if you are the right artist for them. Having access to models on your course will also help you present a diversified portfolio.

The Qualification

Similarly to how you would want a doctor with qualifications is the same way clients want a qualified MUA. Clients are more likely to trust you and pay more if they know you have studied your trade.

Some qualifications can even be taken abroad and open you up to new adventures.

Choosing Right Avenue of Makeup Artistry For You

As a makeup artist, there are many routes available:

  • Bridal
  • Film/TV
  • Special Effects
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Glam
  • Editorial
  • Avant-Garde

More often than not, before completing a course, students are stuck doing the same styles. A makeup course can encourage you to try new makeup styles that may ignite a newfound passion. You may decide that special effect (SFX) makeup is what you enjoy the most!

Fixing Bad Habits

When practising makeup on yourself, it is easy to pick up bad habits! A makeup course will offer you access to an experienced makeup tutor who can point out these habits.  

Fixing these habits early on will help your career, ensuring that you give clients the best service possible.

Is A Makeup Course Worth It Infographic

What Makeup Courses Do We Offer?

Here at The London School of Beauty & Make-Up, we are well known for our prestige makeup courses.
The courses that we offer are all accredited by the Make-Up Art Standards Authority (MASA). Students learn current industry practice and standards from the get-go, separating them from their competition.

LSBM, currently offers students three makeup courses. Depending on what level you would like to qualify to would help you decide the right course. Read on below to find out more.

MASA AWARD – In Principles of Makeup Design

Our two-week foundation course in the basic beauty principles of make-up artistry is ideal for beginners with no previous experience.

Students will learn all Health and Safety needed and understanding skincare and skin analysis. Looks included on the course are Natural, Glam, Bridal, mastering Smokey eyes and, classic makeup looks.

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will receive the MASA Award in Make-up Principles

Students on this course have the options to study:

  • Full-time: Monday – Friday (10 am-5 pm) – running for 2 weeks.
  • Part-time: Saturdays only or Mondays – Wednesdays (9 am-5 pm) – running for 10 weeks.

MASA CERTIFICATE – In Professional Makeup Artistry and Hairstyling

A 4-week course in which learners will become competent in the foundation skills of makeup artistry and hairstyling.

Students will also learn the contents of the MASA Award, making it also suitable for beginners. 

The course will explore hairstyling for 5 days, suitable for those who would like to start a bridal hair and makeup business.

Whilst on the MASA Certificate, students will be able to build their portfolio. Access to one Professional Photoshoot with a PRO model and photographer.

Students on this course have the options to study:

  • Full-time: Monday – Friday (10 am-5 pm) – running for 4 weeks.
  • Part-time: Mondays – Wednesdays (9 am-5 pm) – running for 6 weeks.

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will receive the MASA Award in Make-up Principles. MASA Module in Fashion & Media Hairstyling and MASA Module in Fashion, Photographic & Editorial Make-up Artistry.

MASA DIPLOMA – The Complete Makeup Artistry Course with Advanced Portfolio Development

The ultimate beginners to advanced qualified makeup course will cover all aspects of makeup artistry across various industries. Ideal for anyone wanting to start a career as a Professional Makeup Artist.

The course will cover Beauty, Glam, Bridal, Fashion, Editorial, Avant-Garde, Airbrushing, SFX, Media makeup and hairstyling. Students who complete the MASA Diploma, will finish as well-rounded makeup artists.

Students will have access to 2 photoshoots with a professional fashion photographer and agency model to gain portfolio images. 

Upon successful completion, students will gain:

  • MASA Award in Make-up Principles
  • MASA Diploma in Fashion & Media Make-up Artistry with Hairstyling
  • LSBM certificate in Airbrushing
  • MASA Advanced Diploma in Make-up & Hair Design

All of which will set you apart from your competitors, when building your career as a makeup artist.

All of which will set you apart from your competitors, when building your career as a makeup artist.

Students on this course have the options to study:

  • Full-time: Monday – Friday (10 am-5 pm) – running for 10 weeks.
  • Part-time: Mondays – Wednesdays (9 am-5 pm) – running for 15 weeks.

Why Choose The London School of Beauty & Make-Up?

The London School of Beauty & Make-Up, established since 1995, is one of the largest, private educational providers in the UK. We are devoted exclusively to world-class beauty therapy and makeup education. Our Makeup tutors are leading industry experts who have been practising makeup artistry for many years. All are passionate about helping students achieve their dream career and work hard to deliver valuable lessons.

Not only will you learn about the practical element on our makeup course. We understand the importance of learning business skills so that you can start your career immediately.

On our makeup courses, students will learn to hold strong client consultations. Information about starting up your makeup business, tax/insurance, invoicing and marketing are covered.

We have also been recently chosen as one of the best makeup schools in the world, by Varsity.

If you are interested in starting a makeup course at one of the best makeup schools, why not get in touch today. Our helpful admissions team are open Monday – Friday (9am – 5pm) and can be reached on 02077769766.

Alternatively you can email us at admission@beauty-school.co.uk.

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