The Most Popular Beauty Trends of 2022

We’re aware that the year isn’t over yet, but there are already many beauty trends floating around the internet. We’ve scoured Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter to bring you the most popular beauty trends of 2022. 

The Importance of Keeping up with Beauty Trends

Whether you are a beauty therapist, aesthetician or nail technician, you want to be keeping up with the latest trends in beauty. 

Keeping up with the latest trends will put you in front of your competitors as you will be able to offer the most in-demand treatments. Clients are always searching for therapists local to them that can offer popular treatments, so why not be one of them?

So what are the most popular beauty trends of 2022?

The Shift to SkinCare and the Appearance of Clean Skin

By now, you’ve heard of glass skin? If not, here’s a quick explanation. Glass skin refers to skin that compares to clear glass. Skin that appears flawless with no pores or blemishes to be found. To achieve glass skin, you should aim for well hydrated and glowy skin. 

Many of us have left the products that promise anti-ageing, instead choosing products that repair the skin and its barrier. By focusing on healing the skin barrier, you are less likely to develop blemishes. This is because our skin barrier protects us from irritation and inflammation. 

Brands have taken note of this shift by releasing products that focus on our skin’s health. 

Tips to Achieve Clean Skin:

  • Avoid Harsh Cleansers that strip the skin of its natural moisture.
  • SPF is your best friend! Honestly, unprotected sun exposure will increase the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. 
  • Look into microbiome beneficial skincare. If your skin’s microbiome is healthy, it will be resilient to external traumas. 

Clean and Skin Like Bases

You’ve spent so much time working on bettering your skin, right? Why would you then go and cover it with the heavy makeup? Barely there foundation and skin-enhancing bases are the latest makeup trends.

Previously there had been much focus on airbrushed skin and flawless bases. However, with the movement of loving and embracing ourselves, real skin is in. Consumers are looking for a lightweight coverage foundation that allows a glow to shine through. 

Tips to Achieve Skin Like Bases:

  • Mix your foundation of choice with a moisturiser to even out your complexion. The combination will brighten up your skin and lightly cover imperfections.
  • Find makeup products that incorporate beneficial skincare ingredients. For example, choose lipsticks that contain hyaluronic acid for long-term moisture. 

A Strong Blush for Lifting and Youthfulness

Before 2022, you could definitely overdo it with the blush. There was a saying, “If they know you’re wearing blush, then you’re wearing too much.” Flash forward to 2022 beauty trends, and there is no such thing as too much blush. Blush is the product of the year, cream, powder or tint. Blush is so in, that it’s taking over the use of contour products. 

Makeup artists recommend applying your blush up to your temples. Placing the blush across your cheekbones will frame and lift your face.

Tips to Achieve a lifted face with Blush:

  • Regardless of what type of blush you are using, cream or powder, build up your blush slowly. Tap off the excess on your hand or pallette to not start with a heavy hand.  
  • Cream blush is great for that natural flushed look due to its texture and buildability. 

Of all the trends we’ve found for 2022, skincare is the standout trend. This is the year when we achieve the best versions of our skin and only want products that help us achieve that. 

Our Most Popular Skincare Course

The Level 2 and Level 3 Combined Facials and Skin Care Course is THE beauty training you need in 2022. The course is for those with a passion for everything skincare. 

Maybe you’re someone who worked hard to improve your skin, and now you want to share those tips and tricks with others? Or maybe, you have a passion for product formulation? 

To become a facial expert, you need a theoretical understanding of the skin to treat various skin types and problems. This facial and skincare course is for you and, in just 7 weeks, will teach you everything about the skin.

On the course, you will learn about:

Skin Analysis allows you to identify your client’s skin type to recommend the best and most appropriate treatments. Students will learn how to understand the client’s current skin regimen and how their lifestyle is impacting their skin. 

Correct cleansing, balancing, and toning are also taught in the course, which is the beginning of every skincare routine or treatment. 

The theory learning in this module involves the anatomy & physiology of the upper torso, including the muscles, bones, blood and nerve supply.

  • Steaming, Extraction and Full Facial Massage
  • Selecting, mixing and applying tailor-made face masques
  • Full facial massage routine
  • Electrical treatments for the face: Microcurrent, Faradic, High Frequency and Galvanic.

Finally, as a student at The London School of Beauty & Make-Up, you will have the opportunity to show your skincare training off in our commercial salon. You can work on the faces of clients with various skin types and skin concerns.

Why not end your 2022 with a wealth of skincare knowledge that will put you at the forefront of clients’ demands?

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