How To Stop Your Makeup Sliding in Summer

For the past year and a bit, there has been a new normal globally due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Wearing masks has become a necessity, which we all know makes keeping that flawless base in place. The challenge of making sure that your makeup is not sliding around during the summer months with sweat and sebum encourage slipping. 

In today’s blog, we are here to give you some tips from the experts on keeping your makeup in place. 

How Your Skincare Can Stop your Makeup Sliding & Last Longer 

Applying skin care products in the correct order can prevent makeup from sliding off and lasting longer. This is especially true during the sweaty summer months. The correct order should be: 

  • Cleanse: It is important to be rid of dirt, pollutants and dead skin cells so that the skin can properly absorb the beneficial ingredients of the skincare and regenerate new cells.
  • Toner: After cleansing, toner helps to remove any residual dirt that might be leftover. It also helps keep the pH of the skin balanced. Apply toner with a cotton pad.
  • Serum: The general rule with skincare is that the lighter formulas such as serums are applied first. The user gets the maximum benefits of their products. If you apply heavier products such as moisturisers before the serum, it can’t be absorbed by the skin efficiently.
  • Eye Cream: This needs to also go on before your moisturiser, facial oil and SPF. Even though it is a cream, similar to serums, the eye creams are a lighter consistency. To apply eye cream, use your ring finger and gently pat it in a circle around the eye socket bone. 
  • Moisturiser: Everyone needs to use moisturiser, regardless of skin type. Make sure to find one suitable based on skin type, instead of avoiding using it.
  • Facial Oil: One of the few products that can penetrate through moisturiser because of its natural density. 

After this, apply your makeup with a good primer as a basecoat. The primer helps the makeup not clog the skin’s pores. There are lots of different primers out there that can be used based on skin type.

Makeup Tips to Avoid to Stop Makeup Sliding Around

Using the Correct Combination of Products

If your makeup is still rolling or sliding around, then it might be the makeup products you are using. Makeup products are often made from four bases: water, oil, wax and silicone. These bases can’t all mix due to being incompatible. Generally, oil and water are incompatible. The only exception for oil and water would be someone who has oily skin using a water-based foundation, which helps to combat shine on that skin type. Similarly, using a silicone primer and water-based foundation is also a recipe for makeup to slide off the face. The best way to prevent sliding is to keep all makeup bases the same. So for a silicone primer, use a silicone foundation on top. Ensuring that your makeup stays on longer, especially during summer.

Excess Oils Can Cause Your Makeup Sliding Around. By Removing Excess Oils You Can Stop Makeup Sliding Around.

Excess Oils on The Face

Makeup can also shift very easily for a multitude of reasons. Touching the face is a big culprit; leaning on hand when sitting at a desk, rubbing eyes because they are itchy and so on. Also, the fingertips have oil and warmth which contributes to makeup coming off more easily. Excess oils will break down the makeup much faster. Therefore, it is important to remove the excess oils or use specific makeup techniques to combat them. Not blotting the skin, especially if someone has oily skin can make someone appear more shiny and sweaty than they are. Using too much or the wrong makeup products can set off the balance in the skin and cause the skin to create more oil in the face.

Use a Setting or Fixing Spray

For summer, try setting your makeup at different stages in the makeup process, to ensure that it stays in place. The main go-to product is setting spray. But make sure it is the right type of setting as there are two types. The first one melts makeup into one layer, hence the term ‘setting spray’. The second one provides a shield against makeup shifting because of sweat and rubbing and makes makeup look more unified, this is also known as fixing spray. The spray contains polymers that are dissolved into a solvent, normally alcohol. When the setting spray is sprayed on the face, the solvent evaporates, leaving just the polymers. Polymers are long molecules that bind together to form a shield to ensure the makeup does not budge and provides a waterproof barrier. The job of the solvent is to blend the makeup to make it look less powdery, but if too much setting spray is used it will cause the makeup to run. The polymers should be in the first four ingredients of the bottle. The two most common ones are PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone) and AMP-acrylates copolymers.

We hope you found these tips helpful and can implement them into having long-lasting and flawless makeup this summer! If you would like some more makeup tips, then check out our previous blogs:

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