Which Makeup Artistry Course to Choose to Become an Accredited Makeup Artist

Pursuing a career in makeup artistry is an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience. Take your passion to the next level by mastering your talents by taking one of our specialised courses in makeup artistry. At London School of Beauty and Makeup, we provide you with the knowledge and to unlock your inner artist to become a makeup guru.

Find out below the right makeup artistry course for you.

For those just getting introduced into the world of makeup as a full time career….

The Level 2 MASA Make Up Principles course is the right pick for you. You will learn the basic principles on this 2 week foundation course from the role of a makeup artist, mastering a stellar smokey eye to product formulations and texture. You will get a well-rounded scope of life working as an accredited makeup artist.

For those whose makeup skills are worthy of the lights, camera, action…

Go for The Complete Pro Makeup Designer Diploma, on this course will delve into bridal, fashion and media makeup artistry to gain a wider range of knowledge and skills.

We will get your makeup career off the runway by getting to work with the models who are just off the runway, students will have the opportunity to attend two photoshoots with a professional photographer helping them form a portfolio.

To kick things off you will have two weeks of classes covering makeup principles and the remaining 6 weeks you will be taught about fashion and media makeup artistry.

Over the 8 weeks, you will cover modules such as :

  • Facial Architecture & Contouring – how to highlight and shade to redefine the structure of the face
  • Bridal Makeup Artistry – consultation, application, and other considerations
  • Session hair styling – hair structure and anatomy, blow drying techniques and bridal hairstyles
  • Colour theory – how to work with a range of different skin tones and undertones for a flawless finish for any client you will have in the future.
  • Editorial, Fashion & Photographic Make-up – you will get to learn how to create makeup looks worthy of being graced on a glossy magazine.

If you want to go further and fully advance your make-up artistry talent then the MASA Complete Pro Designer Diploma plus Advanced Development is the one for you. This 12 week course is the ultimate course for the makeup gods and goddesses. You will cover advanced makeup design and receive guest expert workshops, learn about drag makeup, develop your artistic signature style and have a model photo shoot to add more work to develop your portfolio.

For those who want to make brides feel amazing on their special day….

Then you need to sign up for our in-house bridal short course. We offer the Complete Bridal Make-Up Artistry Certificate. For complete novices, this course will take you through the steps of the artistry of bridal make up design.

An area with opportunities to blossom in a lucrative field, it will allow you to help women feel beautiful to celebrate their special nuptials.

During the 3 day program, you will learn a variety of bridal make-up techniques such as:

  • Facial architecture – master the art of contouring to make sure you are correctly framing the bride’s face to be photographed in the most flattering angles in those all important photos kept for a lifetime.
  • Clientele procedure – A breakdown of the whole procedure working with the bride-to-be from the consultation meeting to ‘The Big Day’.
  • Culture celebration – With an amass of cultures out there that celebrate marriage in so many different ways, you will learn about how culture plays a role in bridal design.

We focus on graduating talent

At London School of Beauty and Makeup, we look after our own. We offer our freshly graduated students the opportunity to gain invaluable work experience through the renowned LSBM Events Team.

Alumni are also able to take advantage of our fantastic affiliation with the Artistry Network. The Artistry Network is an online portfolio sharing platform, where you can view the latest jobs and assisting opportunities while also receive invaluable business advice.

One of our students, Lily Mae West is studying MASA Makeup Fashion and Media Artistry with Hair Styling full time at London School of Beauty and Makeup.

The 20 year old first discovered her passion for makeup when she would do her own makeup to prepare for shows when she was a dancer a few years ago. From there, She went on to work as a freelancer with her first clients being her friends and family. When she nabbed the opportunity to work as an assistant with the makeup crew on the set of Maleficent 2, she realised that makeup artistry was a career she wanted to commit to full time.

Thanks to our well-renowned status as the top make up school in London, Lily knew she was making the right decision when she enrolled in our make up artistry course.

On her experience with us, she said “London School of Beauty and Makeup is known as one of the best beauty and makeup schools in London so I was recommended by past students. It also offers has very good qualifications!”

With outstanding talent teaching our students their tricks of the trade, they take away a first class education in makeup artistry to be able to make it in a cut-throat industry. Lily is an example of how if you give us 100%, we will be 100% invested in you.

“The thing I enjoy the most would be the teachers will push you and help you to achieve what you are trying and the outcome of your work is just amazing!”

We focus on giving a positive experience to each one of our students and building an uplifting community. Lily said “My time at the college has been great. Honestly like a little family, everyone helps and supports each other and wants to see you do your best! You meet some amazing people and it really inspires you.”

Acting Head of Makeup, Carla Levy has worked as a makeup artist in the UK and internationally for clients such as Vogue, Hunger, Ted Baker, Harrods, Salon International, BBC & SKY to name a few. Aside from her makeup credentials she also holds relevant education qualifications that allow her to assess in her field. She appreciates the diversity of her profession and particularity enjoys collaborating with other creatives who continue to inspire her as a make-up artist and educator. She answered some of the most commonly asked questions on those who want to take up makeup artistry.

What course is considered to be a professional course?

All of our courses are professional Level 2 and Level 3. You can do the 2-week MASA course to be qualified in bridal makeup artistry and beauty. Or you can do the more advanced level courses in fashion and media make up courses to qualify you in those areas.

Do I need to have hair styling to do this course?

You don’t need to but it’s strongly advised if you want to go into fashion and media if you want to style hair, so we do offer that on the course. The more you can do, the better. It’s not required, but it’s something we offer in our fashion and media courses.

What do I need to do TV and Media make up artistry?

You can study one of our three programs which will qualify you to work in TV and Media Makeup. MASA The Complete Pro MakeUp Designer Diploma runs over an 8 week period which runs back to back throughout the year,

Alternatively, you can do MASA The Complete Pro Makeup Designer Diploma course which includes an extension of Advanced Portfolio Development that in total runs over 12 weeks which is run twice a year.

If you’re looking for something shorter or are on a smaller budget, you can do the 4 week MASA Pro Make-up Artistry & Hair Certificate which provides foundation training.

Do I need a makeup kit for the course?

Absolutely not, everything is provided for you. But we do recommend you buy your own brushes. We do have a set of brushes which you can purchase from us as well as a brush cleaner and sanitising spray. Other from that, everything is provided on the course.

Will the course help guide me as a new freelance makeup artist?

Yes, we don’t just teach the practical side of makeup, we also talk about the industry, how to market yourself, how to invoice, how to be inspired, how to design – every aspect of makeup artistry is covered on the course.

Do I need to have done a previous course before I start?

No, complete beginners can join the MASA makeup course.
However, if you have done a basic makeup course at another establishment then you are eligible to go into our fashion and media makeup courses.

Do I need to have done hair styling?

No, you don’t need to have done hair styling as the course is focused on makeup artistry. We do offer a week of session hair styling. And in our advanced course, we do a week of advanced hair styling which is incorporated in the course mainly to enhance your makeup skills rather than become a hairdresser. It’s to compliment being a makeup artist.

Will I have help to get work after the course?

You will probably get work whilst you’re on the course! We strongly believe in work experience. There’s only so much that four walls in a classroom can teach you. So if there’s the chance for you to assist one of our guest lecturers then we will take you out of that classroom and put you straight into the working environment if we feel you’re ready for that. We also have an events team that we will automatically put you on once you’re signed onto the course which allows you to assist makeup artists.

We have passionate lecturers here who are really knowledgeable about their craft and who come from industry – you’re getting really relevant information and we are passionate about work experience so they’ll be able to take you on jobs with them without teaching you.

What do students go on to do after they graduate?

Students go onto work in bridal, fashion and media make up artistry. The events team really helps to launch their career. We have industry days where we talk about CVs, invoicing and how to market yourself. You get that one-to-one help from myself or another lecturer – we give that inside knowledge on how to start your own brands. If you buy into one of our courses, you’re really buying into your own company.

What are you waiting for? Call us now to find out more information about enrolling on the right course for you to get you started to pursue a career in the make up artistry world. 

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