Why It’s Important to Study an Accredited Beauty Course

There’s a high chance you’ve stumbled on this blog post because you are serious about having a career in cosmetology.

You’ve recognised you have the skills or an avid lover of the latest skincare treatments and fancy having a hand at doing them yourself or perhaps you already have experience working freelance but aren’t fully qualified and are finding it tricky to advance in your career due to a lack in professional credentials needed to progress.

You may be buzzing to get started on your beauty career. You can have all the skills but if you don’t have the correct qualifications from an accredited beauty course then you would be shooting yourself in the foot.

You want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward and taken seriously by those in the beauty industry. It will be very difficult for a client or employer to take you seriously and trust you with performing treatments if you have no credentials to your name.

The same way you wouldn’t trust a doctor to perform a biopsy on you with no qualifications, you wouldn’t trust a beauty therapist to perform a laser hair removal treatment on you with no qualifications.

Gaining a qualification is important because it means that you can perform to the standards of a reputable awarding body that recognises the very best of talent in beauty therapy.

Employers will feel more comfortable to trust your abilities more if they can see that you have undergone the proper training to follow the correct procedure when carrying out treatments.

At the London School of Beauty and Makeup, we offer courses accredited by VTCT, CIDESCO, and CIBTAC. Here’s a breakdown of what each awarding body’s backstory is and the courses we offer here.

VTCT stands for the Vocational Training Charitable Trust. Established in 1962, they are a British government approved awarding body that offers vocational courses in a number of career field We offer the VTCT Level 2 Beauty Diploma CourseVTCT Level 3 Beauty Diploma Course and the VTCT Level 2 Facial and Skincare Course.

CIDESCO is a qualification that is truly international having been recognised in 33 countries across the world. The Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie was founded in 1946 in Brussels and was established to hold the highest standards in beauty and spa therapy professions. We offer the CIDESCO International Beauty Therapy Diploma & Spa Programme.

CIBTAC stands for The Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology. The educational organisation was founded in 1977 and is regulated as an awarding organisation by OFQUAL, a UK government agency. We offer the CIBTAC Beauty Therapy Diploma.

We pride ourselves on offering the best to our students and have seen alumni go on to having blossoming careers in the beauty world.

Here is a list of reasons why it is important to study an accredited beauty course for your beauty career:

You can practice and improve in an educational environment

Instead of risking it by doing trial and error on real clients, you can be guided by our expert tutors. You won’t have to deal with the anxiety of messing up because mistakes are welcome during class.

Starting your own business

Fancy being your own boss? You’ll get to manage your own clients and take control of your own company.

But not so fast! To start your own freelance career or beauty business you will need to show insurance companies that you are qualified to gain insurance on your company. This is a vital requirement needed for all business owners.


All salons and spas will have specific qualifications they require from employees to work there. It’s all good and well if you have the talent to create a stunning manicure or give a facial that will leave your client’s skin glowing. However, if you don’t have the credentials to show that you are a professional you will find it incredibly difficult to secure stable work to create an increasingly viable career for yourself.

It’s so easy to become a fully qualified beautician with us. At the London School of Beauty and Makeup, we offer flexible payment plans for longer-term courses to take away the burden of having to pay in full.

To make things even easier, we offer part-time courses so you won’t be stolen away from your current job if you fear that you won’t be able to juggle both.

Health and safety

This is to protect your reputation, finances and emotional being as well as protecting the client’s health. It is incredibly important that when practicing treatments on any of your clients you know what you are doing and what are the correct health and safety procedures.

Incorrectly applying a wax treatment on sensitive skin without knowing the correct measures to take can lead to dire consequences which leave you with an unhappy, angry customer that you would have sacrificed your reputation and possibly your finances if they decide to sue you due to incompetent practice. This is not worth it especially when you could have prevented any mishaps by taking a few months to get qualified. The last thing you want if there’s a mishap during treatment is a big fat lawsuit landing on your desk.

So how do I get signed up?

To enroll on to our courses, you have to register online and pay the deposit that is required to confirm your place on the course. The remaining fees must be paid in full one month prior to the course start date.

We want you to have the most successful career in your chosen beauty field which is why we offer all of our students once they have finished studying the opportunity to gain work experience with real clients who visit our salon downstairs to make sure you’re fully prepared to enter the working world when you leave our school.

Career progression

Setting your sights for something higher? In order to make that goal of climbing the career ladder a reality, you will need to have the right qualifications. There is no way you can progress to becoming a spa manager without having the Level 4 qualification. To have a Level 4 qualification, you will need to have the Level 2 & 3 qualifications under your belt. 

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